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newmommy - December 23

I'm just curious to know. Do you normally feed yr baby organic food or just regular food? And also, do you normally cook or give her commercial jarred food, if so what brand you think is the best?


Jbear - December 23

I use regular food. I'll even use frozen fruit or veggies if I can't get fresh. I make my own stuff, because it is so much cheaper. All you really need to do it is a saucepan, a blender and a couple of ice cube trays. Cook the fruit or veggies in water until soft, then put in the blender with some of the cooking liquid and puree. If it's too thick, add a little more liquid. If it's too thin, add a little rice cereal. Pour the pureed food into ice cube trays and stick them in the freezer. Each cube is probably enough for a serving at first. I thaw them in the microwave. Don't cook bananas or avocado...just mash them. I've read that you shouldn't make your own baby carrots, because of the nitrates in them.


momma - December 23

i use both delmonte brand and gerber there isnt much of a difference exept they have different dinners and combinations in the mixed fruits and veggies delmonte is also a few cents cheaper i also make quite a bit of dd's food too there is so much more you can feed them when you make it yourself and it is really cheap (i save the jars from step 2 food and wash them and reuse them when i freeze food)


Narcissus - December 23

I exclusively use organic, both jarred and fresh. If the fruit has a thick skin, like banana, it does not matter as much to me. I like Earth's Best baby food. I also use Gerber Organic as well. I eat any both organic and non organic but I would like my son to have a better diet than me:)


April - December 23

When I start it will be organic if I can find it if not then I'll have to do the other. Narcissus did you know bananas are possibly the most sprayed fruit there is?


Toya - December 23

I use Delmonte and Gerber. I am going to start cooking her baby food soon, and I will definitely use organic fruits and veggies.


Jan - January 4

Only organic. Babies have such small bodies and the pesticide rules are not geared for low body weight.


Jenn... - January 4

I have been making Blake's food for the past week or so. He really seems to enjoyit more as it is much more flavorful, it is healthier too. I have bought a couple of things organic but I have bought nonorganic as well. Frozen is just as good as fresh if not better. Fresh tends to be not so fresh from the grocery store compared to frozen because it is frozen soon after being picked.


Angela in California - January 5

i plan to use only organic, where possible. that's what i eat, so baby desrves the same! :)


CEM - January 5

I always use fresh, organic food for my baby too. It's the best. I've always cooked his food for him too, but he's gotten 2 jars of organic pears and loved them!


CEM - January 5

April, good point about the bananas. We used to think that if the fruit had a peel on it, it was at least a tiny bit better, but we have changed our minds. When you think about it, the pesticides just sink into the soil, get sucked up by the tree, and go right into the fruit anyway! So the peel doesn't help much.


Terri - January 5

If nontoxic food is available, why use the stuff with toxins? We deserve the best.


HEATHER - January 5

I'm not to firmilar with organic, what exactally is it and what makes it better than regular baby food that we all grew up on? I haven't gotten to anything other than rice cerael and want to mmake sure I give my daughter what is appropiate (sp). Thanks for clueing me in.


Terri - January 5

Organic food is grown with no chemical herbicides, fumigants, or synthetic fertilizers and no unapproved pesticides on soil or produce. When we were kids, they didn't know how harmful these chemicals were, and there weren't so many of them being used. Check out this site for mor info on organics.


Janice - January 5

* Children acc_mulate half of their lifetime cancer risk by age two. * On average, children up to age two are 10 times more vulnerable to cancer causing chemicals than adults. * Some cancer-causing substances are up to 65 times more potent for infants than adults. * Children from age two to 15 are three times more vulnerable to carcinogens than adults. Source: CHEC (Children's Health Environmental Coalition)


nonk - January 5

I ve been trying to find earth best product at walmart and toy's r us , but they always out of stock, do you guys know where else I can get it?


Narcissus - January 6

nonk, they have loads of Earth's Best at Whole Foods, and you can also buy it online from EB's webpage. Do a google and you will find it.



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