Baby Pic Exchange

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Alisha - September 27

I posted my baby pictures on Does anyone else have any pictures they would like to share? I am curious as to what others do with the website. Plus I love to see those adorable little babies! My site is if you want to see.


soleil - September 27


Soleil - September 27

Hey I just saw your page, your baby is sooo cute! Same age as my daughter, my daughter was born the 16th of Jan.


Jenn... - September 27

Alisha, Kyler is a cutie!! Soleil, your girls are gorgeous. You can see my son Blake at


BBK ® © - September 27

Adorable babies! Didn't appreciate them as much before having mine....


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - September 27

I love sharing my pictures! We are such proud parents! She is the best little baby ever and so much fun to be around, cant imagine my life without her!


Jadyns Mommy - September 27

I agree with BBK, I have so much more appreciation for babies now that I have Jadyn. We are all so lucky to have these beautiful bundles! I made Jadyns website because all of my family are spread all over the world and wont get a chance to see her grow up. I update it every week with new pictures so they wont miss anything and after 1 year, I am going to save it to disk so she can look at it when she is older. Everyone signs the guestbook too so she will be able to see the wonderful things people wrote to her. I am trying to keepsake every precious moment :-)


Jamie - September 27


Tahlia's Mama - September 27 - I also love looking at everyone elses baby pages. And Jaydyn's Mommy is right about having it all there for them to look back on.


Alisha - September 27

All of your babies are so precious! You can tell we all are so proud of them. I signed the guestbooks for those of you who had them. So If you didn't recognize the name, It was me!!:)


Laikens Mom - September 27


wenling - September 28

Kyler IS so cute!! My baby's name is Thyler, when we were deciding on his name, we were choosing between Kyler and Thyler. Then his daddy picked Thyler cos it starts with a T and daddy's name is Tyson. lol!! What was he eating that was blue?? He really looked like he enjoyed it!! Oh to Soleil, The pic with Ari behind the steering wheel, I have one with thyler doing exactly that lol. I'm running out of ways to pose him for a picture rather than the usuals.. ok.. now i shall continue looking at other sites with these beautiful babies!!


wenling - September 28

oh, my baby's pics are at


To Alisha - September 28

Are you from Kansas City? I was just wondering because of Kylers 8 mth pics he has on a KC Chiefs outfit. I am from KC also. Where did you get his outfit at? I have looked everywhere for one to fit Laik, but I can't find one anywhere!!!--Laikens Mom


Alisha - September 28

I am from Ca__sville Mo. I actually bought that outfit from a yard sale just to annoy my husband because he is a Cowboys fan. Hee hee. I don't watch football but I know how sensitive men are about there "team". Everytime I put it on him he takes it off, so I thought before he destroys it I would post it all over the internet! I can be evil sometimes. :) My cousin has a whole KC Chiefs outfit/matching binky/bottle/etc. I will ask where he got it and get back to you.


Laikens Mom - September 28

I am from Blue Springs. You can email me at [email protected] if you would like.


Alisha - September 28

Oh he was eating a blue popsicle



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