Baby Pimples

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Ranya - November 25

Does anyone know why babies get pimples & what to do to prevent them? Also, is there anything I can do to make them disappear quicker?


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 25

My son got really bad acne at about 2 weeks old. I was told to wash his face with water only, and not put lotion on them cause that could make it worse. It is just from mom's hormones from birth. They typically go away in a few weeks to a few months. My son's actually went away after switching formula, he was allergic to his original one, and that could be an issue too, but it is very common. I don't think there is anything to prevent them, they just sort of run their course!


TC - November 25

Babies tend to get baby acne due to the hormones that are pa__sed from you to them. My son had pimples on top of pimples when he was 3-4wks old. I just washed his face with plain water and waited. It took about a wk to clear up. You might just have to wait this one out. Hey, think of it as a part of life and take pictures to remember it. Good Luck!!!


BBK ® © - November 25

How old is your baby? What Rachael and TC said, plus later on the pimples and rashes return when they start drooling. The saliva is acidic. What helped us were those mustela facial cleaning tissues followed by moisturizer (Eucerin I think)


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 25

Yeah, now that Lucas is teething, he gets a rash on his cheeks and chin from drooling. It usually gets better with some vasoline


Ranya - November 25

Thanks you guys, Zein is 4 wks old and I realize it's not a big deal but I was worried that it was because of something I was eating or lack of hygiene. I'll make sure I don't get any lotion on her cheeks, silly me wants baby to be perfect all the time (God, I hope I don't turn into one of these super controling moms!)


Heidi - November 25

Emma is six wks old and she has them all over now. It looks bad but I guess there's nothing you can do and my nurse said it'll get worse and then start to clear up after 6 wks. She's got them all over her face and on her head and neck.


C - November 25

My son had them from 2-4 weeks. My sister's son has them and her doctor gave her a cream to use. My doctor said they'd just run their course, and they did.


to ranya - November 25

just leave them its normal


lisa - November 26

isnt it milk rash called milia? my baby girl has a few, they go on their own apparently



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