Baby Play Stations

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LollyM - March 12

I have decided not to use a baby walker for lo, but I would like to get her a play-type station. I was at target and saw the jumperoo which looked pretty cool, and an excersaucer looked like it could be fun too. Does anyone have experience with these toys? Are they any good? do they have the same safety concerns as walkers? Thanks for any input =)


DeeJay - March 12

my dd loves her jumparoo, but only if I sit next to her the whole time!! She also likes her toy that she sits in from of and it plays music when you push b___tons and lights up, I don't know what it is called but it is like an exercauser but they just sit on the floor to play. This way the toy grows with the baby, it converts to a play table for when they are standing. It is made by little tykes.


luviduvi - March 12

I love the exercaucer, which I can only imagine is like the jumperoo. Ds is still just a shade too small for it but can sit in there for about 15 minutes here and there. I do plan on getting the jumperoo here soon just for a change of setting for ds. He has never liked his bouncer so I need another "station" for him to be at. My son also has a play mat. That was money well spent. My dd used it and ds and we haven't used anything more than that other than bottles. If you don't have a playmat now, get one with really bold colors on it....


Kristin11 - March 12

My daughter had a exersaucer at my home and loved it and she had a hop and pop at my moms house and loved it also.


mcatherine - March 12

We have both. My son loved the jumparoo from 4-6 months, but once he got into the groove of the exersaucer - the jumparoo gathered dust in the corner :o( We put it away over the weekend. I would say either would be a good choice.


mandee25 - March 12

My ds loves his jumperoo and his Intellitainer. Right now he won't stay in them for any longer than 20 minutes at a time but that's okay. IMO they are worth it.


Newhoneybuns - March 12

In canada walkers are banned and have been for a few years now. At home we have an excersaucer my dd is 5 and a half months and she has been playing in it since she was about 3 months and she loves it she can stay hours in it.



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