Baby Powder

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Shannah - June 29

Who uses baby powder regularly with changings and if so, do you the all cornstarch kind? I have hears so many mixed views on baby powder. Thanks!


Debi - June 29

I don't use powder for diaper changes but I do use it in my daughter's rolls. She has huge chubby legs and if I don't powder them in between her folds she gets sweaty and stinky. I use the one with cornstarch. I do sheild her nose when I do it so she doesn't inhale any of it. My pedi did say that this was fine. I don't use alot, I just put it on my hand and work it in.


angelbebe - June 29

I have been using a brand called "Burt's Bees" called Baby Bee Dusting Powder. It's all natural and smells fresh! It does have cornstarch in it, but Talc free. I really recommend it.


Bonnie - June 29

I put a little powder in Mason's nighttime diaper because he goes 12-13 hours between a change. I also use it on his folds too, especially under his chin. I usually put the powder onmy hand first to try to keep it from going through the air. I use the cornstarch kind. The roll on powder is nice too but I can't find it often.


Kel - June 29

I "heard" you won't suppose to use it on a newborn because of their lungs...I'm not sure exactly why. I just remember something their lungs. I actually use Huggies liquid dd is a chub as well and I have to put it on her leg rolls and under her chin if she is going to be outside when its warm :-)


km - June 29

So for those of you who don't normally use powder for diaper changes, what do you use?


TC - June 29

Km, I don't use anything at all. I never used powder bc I hate the way that it looks once its been wet. It looks like I put mashed potatoes down my son's diaper. Sounds silly, but that really turns my stomach.


km - June 29

I always feel bad if I don't use anything - thinking that I should ALWAYS use something. If it's not necessary, I won't worry about it. I guess the diapers we use these days are better than the diapers when I was a baby...


mama3 - June 29

I dont use baby powder this time. Don't know why, lol. But gerber has made a baby pwoder that goes on like a gel. As you put it on it turns to powder. With this there is no-longer any powder flying up around you or baby. An you can put it right were you want it to go.


Bonnie - June 29

I just bought that stuff...maybe it's just me but I didn't like it. It was too wet and doesn;t want to dry when you get it in t hose folds and crevices, lol.


mama3 - June 29

I have never tryed it myself. I got a sample from my mid-wives. Its still on her dresser, lol. I dont suppose it would work in there folds caus eit needs contact with the air to get powdery, lol. Have you tryed putting baby powder in a bowl with a seal? You can put it in the bowl then use your finger to put the powder on. This will aslo keep the powder from floating around and of course you can put it were you want it. Just a thought, maybe that would help. :)


nic nac - June 29

i use A&D ointment and the diaper rash cream at night.


ca_pink - June 29

I use a baby powder that comes in a compact (like a make-up compact with a sponge applicator) so there's no flying dust. I apply it in her folds (under chin, armpits, etc.). I don't use it for diaper changes. I use balmex daily ointment with diaper changes.


cae - June 29

km dont feel bad because you dont use anything. I dont use anything either, and my son has been doing just fine. So if your LO is fine. I wouldnt worry about. But I have noticed today under my sons neck that it is slightly red, from being moist. I dont want to use any powder on it. I am just going to try my best to keep it dry.



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