Baby Powder In The Diaper

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ry - February 13

Do you guys put baby powder in your lo's diapers? I do for my dd every day, sometimes several and I wonder if this is not good? Of course I use the cornstarch based kind.


Bridget - February 13

I heard that it can be bad for their lungs if it's talc and if there is a rash not to use the cornstarch kind because the "corn" is a food and can feed the bacteria that is causing the rash. But if she has no rash I'm sure it's fine. I used a medicated one (carefully, I try not to get it airbourne) called Caldecene when my DS had yeast rash and it did help. But only when he needed it.


eliz24 - February 13

I put baby powder in my daughter's diaper too,not every time but just if her little bottom looks a little red, I use Balmex if she has a rash, I haven't ever heard anything about it being bad or anything, I just try to not get it on her 'private area' because I don't want to cause any kind of infection.


KLT - February 13

I use the cornstarch kind on my son's b___t. I don't use it every time...especially now that its colder out and he doesn't get all sweaty. I will use it after his bath or when he's having serious b___t explosions to keep him nice and dry. I know they say it can be bad for their lungs, but our parents used it on us (at least mine did) and nothing wrong here!


Rans - February 13

I will use it right after a bath or if my dd is sweaty etc. I am very careful about making sure it doesn't "poof" all over. Besides, I love the smell of it! Makes her smell like a baby! I have been fortunate and she has had no bum problems so far! Like KLT says, it was used on me and I am fine!


mandee25 - February 13

In prenatal cla__ses the nurses told us not to use the talc kind but I think the Johnsons baby powder is the hypoallergenic cornstarch kind so I can't see that as being bad as long as you're careful not to let it "poof" all over like Rans said. Personally, I just like using vaseline on ds's bum bum and lotion on his body for a nice baby smell.


k.p.j.e. - February 13

My MIL just got diagnosed with ovarian cancer and she told me not to put any kind of powder in my daughter's diaper, because studies have shown that baby powder (w/ talc) can be linked to ovarian cancer. Just a little info. (MIL has put baby powder in her undies all her life, though....she is a little heavy and her thighs and everything all rub get the idea)


Deb - February 13

I've been told not to use baby powder. Instead I use vaseline at every diaper change. It protects against diaper rash.


SonyaM - February 13

I use a little powder only if his bottom is red, not everyday. I think it's fine if used only occa__sionally.



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