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Chic Atty - October 1

What products do you recommend as a must have? Baby swing? An amazing car seat? (I am in my second trimester and am looking for 'must have' products from experienced moms).


excited2bemama - October 1

Hmm- lets see- If you plan on Bf- a medela pump, nursing tank tops from Target. for baby- pampers diapers, a bouncy seat, Graco snugride carseat, a boppy pillow. For sleepwear, blankets- A miracle blanket swaddle blanket- (goggle it) and a sleep sack.


Gretta - October 1

I love my Boppy pillow - now it works as a good prop for my daughter who is learning to sit, the Diaper Genie 2, My Glider, and the Baby Einstein Play gym mat thingy. My dd loved that from birth to about 4 months. I also just got a maya wrap and wish I had had it sooner.


Val - October 1

I love the Target tank tops also, and my Bravado bras - great if you are large-busted! Also, our Fisher Price Nature's Touch cradle swing has provided many hours of good nap time. We also received a lot of quilts as gifts and they have been great for baby floor/play time. Lots of receiving blankets are great to have around for burping, etc.


mlm056 - October 1

I couldn't live without my Boppy pillow, room monitor, diaper genie, graco rainforest swing, a large swaddle blanket, my glider was essential because your back will start to ache with the feedings. I also love my angelcare monitor -- gives me peace of mind while ds is sleeping.


slackette - October 1

Defintiely swaddlers (Kiddopotumus for use), the Angel care monitor, Boppy pillow, bouncy seat, Target nursing tank tops (that is all I live in every single day - so buy several), Medela nursing pads (thinnest one and hold the most without leaking), pacifiers, the Ergo carrier (or any other carrier so you can go hands free), my ameda/lansinoh pump, and the happiest baby on the block DVD...GL!!


DDT - October 1

Congrats!! My ds only liked his swing for 1-2 months. Luckily I didn't waste any money on it as my Mom bought it (maybe my next lo will appreciate it more). I have the Graco travel system which helped when taking your lo out of the car without waking him/her. I changed from the infant seat to a Evenflo convertible car seat when my ds was 5.5-6 months old. He was getting too heavy (weighed 18-19lbs) for the infant seat and didn't like the laying position he was forced into. Items that I have found to be time- & sanity-savers are the microwave sterilizer, baby monitor, bottle warmer (Avent brand-more expensive but easier), Bjorn carrier & the Boppy (for tummy time & BF). Items that I could have done without: Bumbo (waste of money IMO), baby bath (holding him in the water or sink is just fine, as my ds hated the laying position by the time he was 4-5 months old), spent too much money on a nice portable crib (my ds only slept in it for the first month as he slept better in his crib)...I would still have bought one just probably a way cheaper and simpler one.


wailing - October 1

Instead of buying the big Pac N Play I would have bought the smaller ones for easier traveling. We only use it as a portable crib to sleep in. And I would def have gotten a portable basket for him to sleep in instead of the bigger ba__sinett. He never slept in it and would have liked something more snug. Also, when they are tiny u can carry it from room to room or place to place w/ ease. (I think they call them moses baskets?). Swing (anykind) is a complete lifesaver (even now at 15 wks). I wish I'd done more research on the carseats. We have the Graco Snug n Ride but they only last for a few months then u have to buy another kind and u can't use the bases anymore (we got 2 xtra). In hindsite I think I would have just gotten a convertible seat but, not sure what the safety reports are on them. Lily Padz were another great buy to wear instead of b___st pads. They are reusable and also can't be seen under shirts. Also, allows u to not have to wear a bra when ur engorgement goes down. Of course Boppy Pillow. Soothie Paci's were great. Ds hated all others. Bumbo was waste. Ds's thighs are too fat and he feels really constricted in his. Happiest Baby on the Block DVD, Healthy Habits, Happy Baby Book are both MUST HAVES!!!!!


wailing - October 1 is called "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child".


wailing - October 1

Oh, haha. One more thing. Baby 411 book. It's a great reference book. Mine is dog earred and used to death!!!


Val - October 2

A few more things... good: Dr. Sears baby book, Arms Reach co sleeper crib (if you want the baby near you at night). Definitely a carrier of some kind... we liked our Snugli until recently (4 months) and now that ds can face forward, we really like the Moby wrap. And use Craigslist if you can! I found our changing table, Moby, and bathtub on there. Could have done without - Moses basket and the "brestfriend" nursing pillow... Boppy works way better for me, especially after a c-section!


aliciavr6 - October 3

BOUNCER! I got one for $25 at Target, she loves it. Diaper Genie 2 also. AND a Pack n Play WITH changing table :)


aliciavr6 - October 3

Oh also, Baby Einstein Soothing Sea Crib Toy


spamanda - October 3

Target tank tops and washable nursing pads were a MUST for me. A really good b___st pump, though I personally recommend waiting until AFTER the babe is born to buy one.... just in case you decide not to nurse for whatever reason. One of those cloth seats that vibrates and holds the baby. DS lived in his for months, it always put him to sleep, and we knew he was safe and happy. Jumper seat that hangs in the door, ours has a little tray for snacks. DS is too big for it now, but he really loved it for a long time. I wouldn't spend money on a fancy ba__sinet, but that's only because DS hated hated hated his, and wouldn't sleep in it. We used the pack and play instead. Good luck! ~spam


DB - October 3

We used and abused our swing for 6 months! My dd was colicky (for first 3 months) so it was FANTASTIC for her....a boppy pillow...that thing never left my side for some months! I liked a travel system when my dd was younger, but once she was about 6 months she liked facing outwards and it was easier to buy a smaller stroller, although we do use both still. Sleep sacks, extra sheets and mattress pads for b__wouts!! Tons of onesies, especially if you're going to b___stfeed (the poop is more liquidy and it can get will change clothes a lot!)....A Pack n play...a bouncy seat (w/ vibration if possible)...a b___stpump if you're going to bf (although you may want to wait..I bought mine at the hospital, but you can find better deals online for medela pumps)...lots of burp rags in case you have a spitter!! Oh yeah, an exersaucer for 4+ months. We also recently bought a convertible carseat (evenflo makes great ones if you're registering for reviews on babies r us .com)....can't think of anything else off the top of my head! Congrats!!!!!



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