Baby Rash

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pinky - March 2

hi ,my daughter is 4 month old .and she has this rash proplem ,which speads all over her body.,it is very itchy .and i dont know what is causing it


Skyes momma and proud to be :) - March 2

I would get it checked out with your local doctor for sure so he could perscribe some ointment to help. Many skin irritations can be cause from allergic reactions to soaps, lotions, laundry deterents and much, much more! You will want to use all natural products! I know a company that sells all natural, organic, hypoallergetic, and environmentally safe products, you can shop online, by telephone, and/or by fax. It is a 90 billion dollar company specialising in family wellness! Such a great company, Since I have joined I have saved at least $1000.00 not to mention all the great things it has done for my family. No longer does my huband have asthma attacks, and my daughter no longer has allergies that were hurting her sense the day she was born! Great products that work 100% better then store brand, no chemicals or toxins, all natural and safe, cheeper! and get delivered right to your door! I love them so much and have been a loyal member for 3 years and I will never touch another store brand product again! So many illnesses are caused from everyday household and beauty products, such as a.d.d., a.d.h.d athsma, pshycological abnormailites, birth defects, derpression and many many more even toothpastes, shampoos, and soaps cause these things not to mention cancer! The household is up to 70% if not more polluted then the outside because of household products! My cleaners are safe enough to wash vegetables in and are the best products I have ever tried! And you can make a living by telling people you love and care about all about it! I make an extra $500.00 a month because I am concered for families well being and safety! Do you know that I have probley saved many lives by telling people? Many accidental poisonings happen each year! Like I always say, would you keep a loaded gun under your skins or where your personal care use products are and bet your childs life he or she couldn't get at that gun?? No of corse not, stupid question yet these products are just as deadly! My friend experience first hand how horrible store brand products are! Not even thinking about it she spilt laundry detergent with a slight amount of bleach added and her boy crawled through it and was severely burned! Lucky to say he didn't eat any and he is doing just fine now. But luck for him, We all would have been devestated! Just goes to show how horrible things can get and might get! Children find EVERYTHING! But just letting you know that their are cheeper, better, time saving, and safe natural products out there! If you want to know more or are interested (we are our childs protector) Then just let me know! Here are my email addresses you can contact me on [email protected] or [email protected] also here are my web addresses! or just copy and paste on your web browser! Good luck ~smiles and best wishes~ let me know how things turned out!


k - May 17

Skyes why do you always try and sell stuff were sick of it people want help and advice not to be convinced in products or joining things



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