Baby Rejects Formula

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coco797 - March 3

My dd has really bad gas that makes her really fussy. Her pedi said that we could try give her a soy formula instead of regular formula. But she doesn't seem to like the soy formula very much. She makes a face when we try to give it to her. She''s mostly bf, but she does get some formula once in a while. What should I do? Continue w/ it?


Malica - March 4

Can you try switching over gradually? If she takes (for example) 4 oz at a time, do 1 oz of the soy and 3 of the old stuff for a little while then go 2 and 2... you might be able to get her to accept it that way, or you can try another formula. I know when I tried using a free sample of a different formula my dd took only one oz (of 5-6) before flat out refusing any more -- if yours is at least accepting it but pulling faces she might just be surprised and getting used to it in which case I'd just keep offering the new stuff.


margie - March 4

I use Similac Sensitve with my daughter, it is lactose free and specifically for fussiness and gas, she seems to tolerate it pretty well...have you tried a milk-based lactose free formula like this? Maybe she would take to it better...ask your doctor about it


HeavenisMine - March 4

There is a possibility you could try something like Similac Sensitive, or alimentum if you're using similac. Although the alimentum stinks imo. Or Enfamil Gentlease or something. It is a gradual took my daughter some time when I had to switch her for awhile. You will get it eventually with something I am sure!


coco797 - March 4

Malica- She does take the soy formula, but only a little and sometimes she makes faces. Sometimes I don;t have enough expressed milk to fill up a whole bottle, so my grandma who is watching her while I am at work, will give her the expressed milk first to make sure she drinks all the b___stmilk I leave then give her a little formula if she's still hungry. I asked my grandma to keep w/ it, hopefully she's eventually take it better. It has been 2 days so far. Margie and HeavenisMine-I was thinking of Similac Sensative too but I asked my doctor if he thinks it could be the cows milk that causes her gas and reflux. OMG, could it be because I used to use Similac Advance and now switched her to Enfamil ProSobee? Does the brand really make a difference? I thought they were all pretty much the same. My doctor never told me to stick to the same brand.


Prego1 - March 5

Have you tried Gentlease or Good Start? Those are easier on the stomach. It's probably going to take some time and wait til she's very hungry before you feed her. My DD didn't like Alimentum at first (who can blame her it's vile).



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