Baby Routines

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chrissi79 - March 14

So when did you start your baby on a routine sorta day? My dd is only 6 and a half weeks so we still play it by ear, but just wondering when you started with routine things like naps?? Baths?? Etc...thx for your input!! :)


Ciarasmom - March 14

I only do a routine at bed time, I'm not sure if it is helping much yet as she is 2.5 months. I get a nap in the morning and one in the afternoon. The time varies. I started the bed time routine at around 7 weeks.


chrissi79 - March 14

Yeah, I've started to put her in her crib for short periods of time. And today I was nursing her after her bath and she fell asleep so I put her in the crib and brought the monitor down with me. It only lasted 15 mins cause she woke up screaming - probably bad dream or something - but then she fell righ tback to sleep after a couple mins so just put her back in her playpen...


CyndiG - March 14

Around 3 months she should be in her own little routine. It may be kindof erratic, but if you pay close attention, maybe even write everything down, you'll start seeing a pattern.


snugglybugglys - March 14

I started a routine w/ my kids as soon as they could have a real bath...for bedtime anyway. And a routine for naps around 4 months old.


jacksonsmommy - March 14

I'm a stay at home mom so unless we're out running errands, I try to stick with a routine all day long. It makes it easier not only on me, but also on DS. His morning and afternoon naps are almost always on the same times every day. Same goes with play time. We have a mommy and me DVD that we play every day. I also cook around the same time every day and he's in his bouncy seat on the island watching me. Then of course, bath time and bedtimes are always the same. I started with this routine around 2 months and he's now almost 6 months. Good luck!


DDT - March 14

I started a routine when my DS was 3 weeks old (able to start having baths). I have been doing it for a week now and have noticed a considerable difference in his mood and behavior. He is no longer getting over tired. He loves his bath time!



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