Baby Rubbing His Head From Side To Side

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srigles - March 12

My four-month-old has started to turn his head rapidly from side to side when he's lying down sometimes - he rubs it really hard, and is actually developing a bald spot because of it. His scalp isn't dry, he's not in any obvious pain, has no fever, and is a really happy little baby. Does anyone else's LO do this or does anyone know why? He only does it maybe 2-4 times a day, but it's just weird to see him doing it.


JenniferB - March 12

I was told they do it for different reasons. My older son did it a lot. Teething, earaches, or just to soothe themselves.


srigles - March 12

Actually, he's got a tooth that keeps appearing and then disappearing, so maybe teething's the problem. Thanks!


sahmof3 - March 12

Mine did that, too.... and all three of them had the bald spot in the back. It goes away eventually ;-)


LisaB - March 12

My ds did it too I dont know why but he stopped after he developed a bald spot.


Nita_ - March 12

my still does, she's 8 months old. She has shorter hair in the back then the rest of the head! Sigh!! I hope she stops soon but doesn't look like it. :(


AlissaF - March 12

My little guy started doing that and i realized that he was doing it to scratch his head. I think it's hilarious! Sometimes when he is doing it, I rub his head and he gets a huge smile.


Wellis10 - March 12

My lo does this too. I took him to the doctor thinking he had an earach or somthing. Ears were fine. My ped told me he must have discovered his ears or is looking for a pacy.


Ciarasmom - March 12

My dd does it all the time when she is sleeping. I thought it was just to sooth herself. She is now 2.5months and instead of me soothing her to go to sleep she is trying to do it herself. she acutally grunts when she does it sometimes and makes the strangest faces. We co-sleep right now and she lays on my arm so I can always feel her moving her head back and forth.


Mellissa - March 12

Rylee did that when she was a baby. she was actually bald all the way around her head... just a little patch of hair on the top of her head and one in the back by her neck. she looked so funny. lol


srigles - March 12

Thanks so much everyone. I didn't know if maybe it was a sign of an impending ear infection or something like that. He's started teething lately, so maybe that's part of it. At least he's not the only one! Thanks!



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