Baby S BM Has Very Foul Smell

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Karen - September 25

my b/f baby has been pooping infrequently, and the consistency is like peanut butter. It also smells which it's not supposed to. I'm going to call the dr. but does anyone know why this is happening? he is 10 weeks old.


Brittany - September 25

Everything that comes out of us stinks. Baby poop smells. How many days does the baby go without pooping. Babies don't need to go everyday but if their poop is hard, you might need to try something to soften it out. My son went 4 days without pooping sometimes when he was an infant. Sometimes, they don't poop for awhile due to iron, in formula and what a mother eats while b___stfeeding. Is the baby on formula? If so, make sure it is mixed properly because if there is too much powder mixed with too little water, the iron gets messed up and makes it hard for the baby to poop and also hurts it's little insides.


Karen - September 25

thanks - yes he is exclusively b___stfed and has never had a poop that stinks. b/f poops barely smell and this is the first time it has and it was awful!!!


Alisha - September 25

What did your doctor say? My babys bm smells foul also. Of course he is on solids now.


CEM - September 26

Karen - you are not alone!! i also have a 10 week old b___stfed baby whose bm's are just now starting to smell really bad! they haven't up until now. my husband thinks it's because bacteria have now started to colonize his stomach and other home health-nurse is coming tomorrow, so i'll ask her then and let you know what she says. sorry, i wasn't much help, just wanted to let you know it's happening to me too. i'll fill you in when i find out :-)


BBK ® © - September 26

Consistency is right, though I don't know what your tolerance is for "foul". :-) My daughter's poop has a *distinct* smell, too but foul is not the first thing that comes to mind. As long as the baby doesn't have any other gastrointestinal disturbances or fever I'd say it's OK, but your doc should be your best resource


lab tech - September 26

People and animal poop stinks because of the bacteria that is in our gastrointestinal tract. It helps us digest food, and absorb nutrients while the food is in our intestines. Babies really don't have any of this right after they are born. Their bodies are "sterile" and the only bacteria they have is the type we have exposed them to. Most babies, if you culture their stool will have no growth on an agar plate at 24 hours. This means that they have no aerobic bacteria (such as E. coli, Citrobacter sp, etc.) which an adult would have. This bacteria usually starts showing up around 8-12 months old (right around the time of the transition to "solid foods") As BBK stated, I'm not sure what your threshold of "foul" is. Bf baby poo usually smelled a bit like sour milk to me. And its somewhere from the consistency of split pea soup, to peanut b___ter, and usually has what looks like mustard seeds in it. (Trust me, I've seen alot of poo) But, definately get it checked out by your doc if it seems unusual. Our babies are way to precious to take any chances with.


CEM - September 27

Karen - i asked the nurse about the smelly poo today, and she said that it was totally normal. she didn't get too scientific about it, just said that the smell of their bm gradually changes as they get older and that it was nothing to worry about. i do know, however, that i have been eating alot of onions lately. maybe that has something to do with it?....:-)


Jamie - September 27

My 7 weekold b___stfed daughter's poo smells like rotten eggs after I eat Mexican, but is otherwise odorless. As CEM sggested, maybe it's something in your diet.


BBK ® © - September 27

Jamie too funny! .... I guess I better keep my wife away from taco bell. LMAO


Karen - September 27

I never talked to the dr. I talked to a nurse who said not to worry about it. I'm not worried but it's on my mind. He goes 5 days without pooping and then goes 2-3 times. that one time, it was foul and I'm not exaggerating. Since then, it has had a smell, but nothing like that one time....


Maddie - September 27

OMG! My son is 13 weeks and his poop stinks so bad I have to spray room fragrance just to get through it!



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