Baby S First Cold

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melissa g. - July 12

my dd is almost 5 months and has the teeniest bit of congestion and there was little bit of yellow mucous in her spit up this AM -- she is formula fed -- i called the ped -- she said no cause for worry unless it kept happening and / or turned green etc. i think she may have wee bit of a cold! no fever. anything i can / should be doing?


AudreyS - July 12

Does she have any congestion? IF so baby vicks will help, other than that it sounds like u have everything under control


bbm - July 12

My baby had a cold at 3 weeks and it lasted a little over 2 weeks. The doctor told me to wait it out. That's all you can do.


Rabbits07 - July 12

If she gets stuffier you can do a vaporizer or humidifier and use saline drops with a bulb syringe.....doesn't sound like she really needs anything right now though.


TinaMarie - July 12

awww it is terrible seeing them not feeling well! The baby vicks is great and the vaporizer at night. Rabbits07 suggested the saline and that helps bunches too although your little will not be please about it. Hope she is feeling better quick!


Aussie Beck - July 12

Hi Melissa. My 6 month old dd has her first cold at the moment. She's had it for nearly a week. She had a lot of stuffiness in her nose at first with a cough too. We do as Rabbits suggested and use a vapouriser in her room at nap time and at night with a bit of essential oil in it especially made for easier breathing. I also used the saline drops when the stuffiness was at it's worst. She is pretty much over the head cold but still has a cough remaining, but she has been really good considering! Just try these couple of things to get on top of the cold early and it might not develop at all. But if it does, don't stress too much! As long as there is no fever and she isn't excessively sleepy, your dd will be fine!


Aussie Beck - July 12

Oh! I also forget to mention that we also have elevated dd's mattress slightly to help her breathe better. Just stuck a pillow underneath. It really helps!!!



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