Baby S First Rice Cereal

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Shelly - December 16

How much do you put in a 6 oz bottle of formula?Jesse is 19 weeks and i would like to start giving him 1 bottle with rice cereal a day.Also what brand do you use?Thanks


Jadyns Mommy - December 16

I didnt give Jadyn hers in the bottle but I did start with 2 tablespoons of rice cereal and mixed it with formula in a bowl til it was a runny consistency and as she got better with the spoon, I would thicken it up each time. Once she started finishing it, I would just add another tablespoon of the cereal each time. She wouldnt touch the Gerber rice cereal, only the Beechnut but with the oatmeal, she will only eat the Gerber!! :-)


Amayas Mommy AKA Stephanie - December 16

We never mixed cereal in Amayas bottles but when we were at her 6 month check up her doctor said that as she starts crawling she might start spitting up more so we could put 1 or 2 tbsps in an 8 oz bottle. We use gerber rice and gerber oatmeal. Amaya will only eat Beechnut rice but we can mix any kind in her bottle and she is fine.


T. - December 16

I started giving my daughter cereal in her formula when she was 3 months. (Now she's 4 mos.) She eats 3 scoops of formula and 2 scoops of cereal and I add water until it's about 7.5 oz altogether. I just use the scooper that comes in the formula to measure the cereal.


C - December 16

I started giving my son rice cereal at 4 months but not in the bottle. I tend to believe everything I read and I read not to put cereal in a bottle. I know a ton of people that do and their children are fine. I started him with 1 T. mixed with formula or b___st milk. After a few weeks I started giving him sweet potatoes and bananas. The brand I buy is Earth's Best.


erin - December 16

i put 1 tablespoon per 4 oz, so with 6oz. i would put 1.5 tablespoons, and use the tri-cut nipples...if you do it that way, make sure it's warm so the formula/b___stmilk and rice mix well. i use gerber rice cereal or nature's goodness.


Shelly - December 16

Erin, do they sell those tri-cut nipples at Wal Mart? Or do I have to go to babies r' us?What is the difference between those and regular nipples?



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