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Lesley - November 15

Has anyone got any problems with their babies hearing? I was on the bus today and a woman had accidently pressed the button on her rape alarm and it was going off for about 10 seconds. Ben never even stirred. When thinking about it he has't even flinched when there is any loud noise. I had no drugs during labour so he can't be affected by that. I am so worried incase he is deaf, or has trouble with his hearing. How would they check incase he is. I have sat all afternoon crying with worry. I am calling my midwife tomorrow morning to see what she says about it all.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 15

An audiologist checked my baby's hearing in the hospital day after he was born and said it was fine. A lot of times baby's sleep so deep that they really do not react to loud noises very often. I would definitely call the pediatrician to have them check it out. Try not to worry too much, chances are he's okay!


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 15

When you talk does he look up at you, or when you clap your hands will he look at them? How old is he?


Steph - November 15

My girlfriend went through the exact same thing but she did not start to notice anything abnormal until he was about ten months old when he was not trying to speak or copy words nor would he react to loud sounds. It ends up he has an audio deficinency wherein he hears very muffeled sounds and has to have hearing aids. You may want to try some of your own "tests" on him so you can tell your midwife how he has been reacting to loud noises or even quiet noises that are very close to his ears. Most likely he was just sleeping very soundly and paid no mind to the alarm that was going off. Good luck to you!!


Lesley - November 15

He is only 8 days old. When people shout near him he doesn't turn his head towards them. That might be down to him only being the age he is. I've not tried the clapping thing though, I will give it a go.When he is lying asleep with his head on my chest and I raise my voice for whatever reason he will not wake then either. They don't usually do hearing tests in my area (North East UK) till about 7-9 months. But when I was looking online there was a page that said by 2005 all babies should have them while in hospital. Wonder why Ben didn't.


Jbear - November 15

My daughter's hearing was tested in the hospital the day after she was born. She was fine, but she doesn't react to lots of loud noises either...mostly kid noises or my husband's stereo. I think she heard them so much before she was born that she's used to them. Probably the only way your baby would react to loud noises right now would be a startle reflex.


Lesley - November 15

Jbear, he doesn't even do anything though. Tonight I left my daughter to cry, till she got herself so wound up she screamed (horribl I know but it worked!) and he woke up only once she started screaming. At least I know he can hear, just don't know how well. I am still worried. I don't know how I could cope if he was deaf, or even partially deaf. It hurts to think he might have to grow up with something wrong, in the world today,. There is so many horrible people with horrible comments and bullying. We all take our eye sight and hearing for granted, I know I do.


ally - November 15

i thought my daughter was deaf too, relax hunny he is only 8 days old, u dont notice they can hear til later on, trust me as i was the same as u saying can she hear, please its his age but if u are concerned check it out but at the same time it is his age


Jbear - November 15

We've all worried at some time that something's really wrong with our babies...I think it's part of being a mom, that we think our kids are so perfect that something has to go wrong. I was present when they checked my baby's hearing, but I can't remember exactly how they did it (it wasn't long after my c-section). I know it was a simple thing and my daughter slept through it.


<Amy> (UK) - November 16

Hi lesley, i'm going through the same thing. My baby doesn't react to any noises. Most of the people in my family are partially deaf so there is a high chance he will be. I'll be ok if he has a hearing problem as I'm used to it from my family, but I'm worried about how deaf he is, as no-one is severely deaf. I think he can hear a bit cos he blinks when i clap, but that's about it. On fireworks night there were fireworks going off everywhere even right outside the window and do you think he even flinched! I told the health visitor when she came and she sent strait off for a hearing test. I'm just waiting for the appt now. Tell your dr or health visitor you wanty your baby tested now as you have concerns and they'll sort it out for you. I live in London but i don't think it's different here to anywhere else.


Lesley - November 16

Hi amy :-) I have noone deaf or even partially deaf in my family. I wouldn't have a clue what to do or how to handle it. I have 2 older children to look after too, and I know Ben will need a lot more attention and care if he is. I have tried to call my midwife but noone is answering. I will try at 4 just before the offices close, if not I will speak to her tomorrow when she calls.


<Amy> (UK) - November 19

Hi lesley just wondering if you've spoken to anyone yet?


Lesley - November 22

My health visitor came out yesterday and did a check list. He desn't do anything it says on the list. She even clapped to see if he responded (he was awake at the time) but he didn't. He doesn't even blink if you clap close to his face. She has referred him for a hearing test. I should hear something within the next couple of weeks. She says she isn't worried cos there is no history of deafness in my family, but there doesn't need to be does there? It's gotta start from somewhere! I asked about why he didn't get the hearing test in hospital, but they haven't started that up here yet. It should be introduced sometime next year.



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