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Weslie - October 27

Just out of curiosity, anyone have biracial babies? Do people ever give you " looks" ?? I am expecting my first and I'm a little afraid... pease share your experiences..


Vivian - October 27

I have three kids, my hubby is ALL white, i am a vulomptuous african american woman. My kids are ( BRitney 6, Justin 4 and jeffrey 3 months) they are all beautifull, dark skin but lighter hair, their eyes are also light greenish blue like their daddy, I will get a website running soon!


michelle - October 27

my baby is white and vietnamese, he is beautifull , all babies are, regardless of race!!


Liana - October 27

My baby is half white and haf hawaiien check out my cutie patootie


Wowser! - October 27

Liana, your baby is beautiful! Oh, and thanks for putting the picture of the daddy on there! grrrrrr.....


Liana - October 27

thank you wowser, she is my life!!!


BBK ® © - October 27

Yes, our princess is Chinese and Greek. We mostly get well meaning looks; Funny thing is one old Chinese lady thought my wife was a nanny.... I guess she didn't see the Chinese look in the baby :-)


ronnie - October 27

bbk, that is a funny story with your wife!!! Liana, your baby is a masterpiece, really!! she is just stunning, what an angel. My baby is .... white...!! haha little pumkin , thats what he will be on Halloween


monica - October 27

my boys are hispanic and filipino...cant figure out if what they look like... I am just happy when people say they look like me. BTW finally got a picture of myself on our website...for those who know me here and would like to put a face to the


Katie - October 27

My husband is black and I am white. Our one month old looks completely white. Her hair is dark brown but is straight and her skin seems to be the same color as mine. I am wondering if she will darken up. (I hope so) We live in a very mixed neighborhood there are several interracial couples. I have never herd of any complaints about other's reactions to there children. If someone does react negatively toward a racially mixed child they are most likely just ignorant to our ever changing world.


Liana - October 27

Sometimes I get a little upset because she looks nothing like me, people don't even believe I'm her mommy, I even though about dyeing my hair dark to have some resemblence!!!! anyone feel like this??


weslie - October 27

i see your concern liana, i feel like people won't know i'm my babys mother because we will look so different!


klmr - October 27

Well, where I live (California) bi-racial babies are so common, no one gives it a second thought! I have noticed that babies of mixed race are ALWAYS gorgeous. =)


Novia - October 27

I suppose it depends on where you live. I live in a place where it's more likely to get a look or two. My baby looks like she could be anything but Asian, so I have a wide variety of people who look very puzzled most of the time. I have perfected my "b___h" look over the years and I have never had a comment from strangers, but I can not wait for someone to work up the nerve. That's probably why it will never happen to me though. P.S. BUTT UGLY comes in ALL COLORS regardless of mixture.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - October 27

My baby is mixed and BEAUTIFUL!!! I am totally white and her daddy is black. Just to give you an idea, we live in Arkansas (Bible belt state and is usually not accepted) If people do have a problem with us then they have never said anything to my face. Everyone tells me my baby is beautiful. Mixed babies are everywhere, though some tend to look more "mixed" than others. To me black/white babies look the most mixed, but again I am totally white! lol Your baby will be beautiful and just remember almost everyone is mixed with something!


Jadyns Mommy - October 27

I am white and Jadyns dad is Hispanic. We havent gotten any looks that I am aware of but I have had many people compliment her on her beautiful complexion. She has a very pretty bronze look to her that even I wish I had!!! :-)


To Novia - October 27

How could you call a baby BUTT UGLY? That was rude.



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