Baby S Reaction To Shots

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Lillie E - January 27

alright so, my 3 month old (as of today!) had the shots he was supposed to get at 2 months the day before yesterday. ever since he got them he isn't acting like his normal self. he's been REALLY sleepy and has been crying a lot more often. he's not that happy baby all the time like he was before. has anyone else experienced this and how long did it last... i want my laughing little Leon back...


Kristina - January 27

Tasia alot slept more for about 2 days. She cried a bit the day she got the shots, but I have her some baby tylenol and she was good after that. The nurse told me most babies will either cry it out or sleep it off. He'll be back to normal before you know it =)


Kristina - January 27

LOL umm **slept alot more...not alot slept! =)


Kristina - January 27

**gave...geez I am tired =)


Lelah - January 27

I am curious how you would know if your baby was having an adverse reaction to shots if you give them tylenol. Wouldn't the tylenol mask adverse reactions?


Michelle - January 27

My little girl was really cranky the day she got her shots and she was extremely sleepy. This lasted for two days. The doctor told me not to give baby tylenol unless she had a fever over 102 (even then she said the baby should come back to the doctors). I would call the doctor if you haven't seen improvements by day 3. Good Luck!


Me - January 27

I was told to expect my baby to be miserable for about 48 hours. The nurse was right the first time round. She had her shots on a friday, and wasn't her normal self until Monday! She didn't even have a fever, but she still wasn't happy. I found it got better each time though. She's had her last set of shots, and just cried for a few minutes, fell asleep, then woke up happy and smiling as if nothing had happened.


Christy - January 27

Our doc told us no Tylenol before the shot so they could see any adverse reactions. I think the really bad reactions happen very quickly. Anyway, Ben nursed and slept right after the shots, woke up 2 hours later to eat and fell bacj asleep. He woke up screaming about 2 hours after hat, so I started on the Tylenol per doc's orders. That seemed to calm him down. He slept off most of it, but I also gave him Tylenol for pain as his thighs were really red and swollen. Within 48 hours, he was fine.


Chelle - January 27

When my daughter had her 2 month shots, she was tired and really cranky for about 2 days and ran a low fever for the first day. I had to give her tylenol a couple times. With her 4 month shots she cried when they were given but after a few mintues she was fine and prefectly normal. I didn't have to give her any tylenol that time. She has her 6 month shots coming up so we'll see how she does with those.


Chelsey - January 27

If your child was having a reaction to the shots, then he/ she would show signs of it within 15 minutes after the injection. Thats why they make you stay about 20 minutes after the shot, b/c if there were a reaction then they could deal with it right there. It's very unlikely to have the reaction occur later on. It's normal for a baby to get a fever afterwards, be cranky/ restless, and have a bit of swelling at injection site. They are usually fine after 2 days.


tj - January 27

your child can take weeks to show areaction...especially a serious one


LT - January 27

I think the 15 minute wait time is for reactions such as anaphylaxis. As tj mentioned the other reactions can take some time to show up.


LT - January 27

Oh and Lillie your son is probably fine, it's supposed to be normal that they feel like c___p for a few days. Your delay in getting the shots had nothing to do with it.


melissa - January 27

My dd had her 2 month shots today, and oh, boy, I've never heard her scream like that! Thank God dh was there to hold her down. She cried for a few minutes, we gave her Tylenol, and then she fell asleep once in her car seat. Our clinic doesn't make us wait around, we left once we were done. DD has been sleeping a lot so far, but seems fine when she's awake--she's a trooper! Hope your Leon gets back to normal soon!


Christy - January 28

Well. I have read and heard that the horrible fever/seizure reaction for the pertussis vaccine can happen within an our of receiving the shot. It can happen later, but it usually sooner, I think.


Christy - January 28

hour, not our


Barb - January 28

FYI...I got a RX from my doc. for something called EMLA's a local anesthetic that you apply 1hr. before they get their shot (where they are going to get their shot) and it's suppose to numb the area....I haven't used it yet, but when she gets her shots in a couple weeks I'll let you all know how it goes : )



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