Baby Schedule Update

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Toya - June 9

Last night, I started my baby's bedtime routine and this is how it went. She cried towards the end of her bath and immediately stopped when I draped the towel over her and held her. She was calm while I was massaging Johnson's baby lotion on her and she was fairly calm when I put on her pajamas. I br___tfed her, and that made her sleepy. Then, I read two short nursery rhyme books to her and she was sleep...About 3 minutes after I put her down, she started crying...I let her cry for 5 minutes...Then went in and reassured her. I left again and then about 2 minutes later, she started crying again...I let her cry for 7 minutes...went in and then soothed her. well, basically she kept crying until it was time for her next feeding. She finally went to sleep at 11:48pm and stayed asleep until 4am!!!!! Yea!!! I fed her again at 4 and she stayed asleep until I got in a good 8 hours of sleep last night. Hopefully her baths will get better..


Janet - June 9

It will get easier. She will soon a__sociate the bath and everything else you do the same each night with bedtime.


Kerry - June 9

Good job Toya just stick with it.


Steph - June 9

Good Job at the rea__suring and not picking her up!! That is probably one of the hardest things that I had to learn to do when my daughter was a baby. Good Luck!! And lucky you for 8 hours!! :o)


E - June 9

Wonderful:) Your sweetheart will learn to love the schedule. I say "bath" and my 2.5 month old smiles and laughs. He loves the evening routine b/c it is entirely about him. Actually, morning, day and night is about the little guy.


Toya - June 9

I will keep you updated on how things go. My dd will be 5 weeks on Sunday and she is really starting to hit the milestones now...I am nursing her and instead of soiling a diaper at every feeding like she was doing last week and the weeks before that she has about 2 bowels a day!!! :) I guess this means her digestive system is maturing. The only drawback is that in those 2 bowels per day the diaper is totally full and she will LET you know right away that she needs to be changed. :)


Amaya's mommy - June 10

Hey! I just started Amaya's bedtime routine night before last! Thats crazy! We have been giving her sponge baths up until now because of her umbillical cord, but we got her an infant tub today and she LOVED the bath tonight. She layed in there and smiled and cooed! I am still holding her until she goes to sleep because I have started work and miss her so much during the day that I HAVE TO HAVE HER! I dont hardly put her down from 6 when I get home til about 10 when she is going to bed. Anyway, we can be each others support group. Good job on staying strong!


Toya - June 10

I did the same routine last night...however, she went to bed earlier! :) We put her down at 9:45 and she cried...but this time was easily soothed and she was sleep by 10:10pm!!! Yea! She stayed asleep until 2:30am and I woke up to feed her...and she woke up again at 7am. She is sleeping through the night much better. She still hasn't gotten the hang of the bedtime routine, but she definitely knows that lights out means sleepy time. :) Thanks for the support.


Emily is Tahlia's Mama - June 12

During the day I feed my little one around 3-4 hourly, but don't wrap her up for nap time. Then at night after her bath and feed I wrap her really snuggly, and cuddly her til her eyes close, then into her cot. She fusses a bit, but soon drifts off. Asleep by 11pm and not awake til 7am. Its going great...



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