Baby Shivers While Eating

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pregnantjackie - April 23

My LO is 8 months and when we are feeding him solids he shivers, lke when you get the chills. He's not cold, and I know it probably can't be serious but I was wondering if this happens to anyone else's lo?


JessC531 - April 23

My dd did that!! I can't believe yours does it too. I thought I was the only one! :) I was freaked out about it, but then she stopped. At first I was scared she was going to have a siezure or something. She's 8 months too. I think it was just her reaction to the taste of the food. She did it more with certain foods than with others. Now she eats EVERYTHING, and I haven't seen a shiver in weeks.


squished - April 24

My ds does the same thing!! I think that sometimes he is trying to poop while he's eating and he gets a chill! LOL! Other times I have no idea what he's doing. I can't believe there are other babies that do this :)


joshuasmommy - April 24

My ds does this too and is almost 9 months. He does it sometimes while he's eating and sometimes when he gets excited about something.


Crystal83 - April 24

Is it because he doesn't like what he is eating or it has a bitter taste to it? Does he shiver the whole time or just when he takes a spoonful? My lo is 8 mos. too and I found her to do that a couple of times when I gave her something new to eat.


katiepoole - April 24

My dtr has done the same thing! She's now 10 months old but she really started this when she was about 8 1/2 - 9 months old. She will also every once in a while tilt her head to the left when she's eating. I'm glad to hear that other babies are doing this b/c everyone I know things it's very strange. I talked to the dr about the head tilt and they didn't seem concerned b/c she's eating and not having any problems with anything so I don't know maybe she will grow out of both of them.


Val - April 27

Oh my gosh, my LO does this also! He probably started around 9 months (he just turned 11 months). He did it while eating sometimes, and also if he was really excited to see a certain toy or something. Seems like he hasn't done it recently though... maybe it's some sort of developmental stage?


pregnantjackie - April 29

Hmmmm...I wonder what its from. It must be a lot to take in, the whole world for him. I think it is from feeling overwhelmed. It's nice to know it's normal.


Brenna - May 4

Maybe it's sour?My daughter is nearly 13 months,and her favorite thing is Daddy's homemade milkshakes,in between drinks she holds her arms straight out,shivers and blinks,it might be the cold,although she also does it with other,non-cold fav. foods and toys.



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