Baby Shoe Sizes

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ImpatientMommy - December 12

What's the deal!? haha this is my first so I don't know anything about this. My sister-in-law gave me some shoes for babies and two pf the pairs are a size 2 except one looks like it wouldn't fit her right now and one looks like it'd be way to big right now (she's 5.5 months) and then another pair says "3-6 months" and it looks like they'd also be too big right now. But what does a size 1, 2, and so on mean? When did your little ones fit into these sizes?


DDT - December 12

I think different shoe brands just have different sizing. My ds wears a size 3 with some and a size 4 with others (he's almost 10 months). Size 4 are 6-12 month I believe...or at least that is what his shoe says. I think its just trial & error which can be said for baby clothes sizing to. Each baby is different...some have smaller feet or bigger feet. I didn't start putting shoes on him until very recently just because it would have hampered his movement and is really completely unnecessary, but now that he wants to "walk" while holding our hands it is becoming necessary.


DDT - December 12

BTW when I say shoe I mean the Isa bootie. They are flexible to crawl around in. There are many variations of this bootie.


britt_m - December 13

My dd shoes size was a 1 when she born, it was just a little big. Her feet were huge now a size 1 fits perfect, her feet didn't grow much. A round-a-bout shoe size for babies is Size 0: newborn, Size 1: 0-3 month, Size 2: 3-6 months. BTW my lo is 6 1/2 months!


excited2bemama - December 13

i think they are all different too.. it depends on the brand. Some 2 are 3-6 months and some are 6-12 months. I jsut read the packaging or try a shoe on her foot


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - December 13

My daughter is 3 months and she can fit in newborn, and size 1 is to small, my niece who is just 6 days older wears a size 2 already, my daughters feet didn't grow quick, but she was only 5lbs 14oz when she was born


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - December 13

this is all brands for her as well, 1's are just to big


ImpatientMommy - December 13

Britt- thanks for the helpful info! Excited- I know I could have just tried it on her but she was done for the night when I posted this and I was just curious. I'm not very patient... hence my username haha.


Cevvin - December 14

My baby is like 150% on the charts, so very big, but proportional. She looks like a 18-20 month old. Her big feet require size 4 and is growing out of them. She is 9 months.



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