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LisaB - May 12

My sister just found shes pregnant again this is her third is it ok for me to have a baby shower for her? Her youingest is 4 years old so thing have changed alot and she will need alot of new thing is it ok or tacky?


pbj - May 12

Of course, I think they only time it becomes tacky is if the one who is expecting insists on a shower for a second baby. It's amazing how much changes in 4 friend had hers just 3 years ago and so much has already changed.


Rabbits07 - May 12

My church ladies' group had a shower for me and this was my sixth! Things do change, clothes get worn, if babies are born in different seasons then previous baby clothes can be virtually unuseable. I love baby showers and shopping for baby clothes anyways (even when the baby isn't mine :-)


grandma - May 13

Go for it! when my daughter was born almost 23 years ago my family & friends surprised me with a "second" shower. Everyone went in on a crib and all the bedding etc., and it was sooo much needed. My children were 12 months and 11 days apart. Not much had changed in that short time:) but it was close to having twins. Why not consider it any eary "Welcome To the World" party!


Heather F - May 15

You could have a party after the baby comes - as a welcoming party - this way she can have a party for this baby and noone will be offended by the sedonc shower.


YC - May 15

Our friends just had thier second baby and we gave them a "Baby Sprinkle". It was a minishower. We surprised them. I think all babies should be celebrated with a shower/sprinkle. I don't think it's tacky at all. Rabbits07 you have six??? Wow, you are superwoman!!! How old are they?


BaileysMummy - May 15

I think it's great that you are willing to do this for her. I agree with YC, all baby's deserve to be celebrated, not just the first. I never would have thought it was tacky after the first.



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