Baby Sign Language

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Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 13

I am really interested in this. I bought the book called Baby Signs but was wondering if any of you that have older babies can shed any light. My daughter is only 6 months but I was reading and you can start at anytime. I know that Keekee's boys are signing. If any of you could let me know how to even start or how long it will probably take her to learn. I am kinda disappointed with the book as it seems like it is "old". Are there any other books out there that you recommend? Thanks for any input.


Kathryn - November 13

I have started signing with my son he has started to pick up a little. I've been working with him for a few weeks.


kr - November 13

At university I took ASL cla__ses. They were taught by a hearing women who was reared by two Deaf parents. She is accepted in the Deaf community and still very active. According to her parents she signed her first full sentence at only a few months. As an adult she signed and spoke simotaneously with her own babies. She felt like much of her frustration and their own was relieved by signing. According to her people can learn to sign at any point in their lives. I have a lot of confidence in her opinion. I'm sorry that I am not familiar with the book you are using. But it is important to keep in mind that the signs are what are important. If you can communicate to your baby and have her respond in a way that allows you to meet her needs, then that is all that matters.


-m - November 13

I'm very interested in baby sign language also. I plan to start teaching my daughter it when she is about four months. I just typed "baby sign language" into yahoo seach and it brought up a lot of stuff on it. I even found a web site that shows you a video of each sign so you can see exactly how to do it. There was a lot of info about when and how to start.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 13

The reason we are starting is because Amaya is reaching for people and waving bye bye. I really like their ideas but the pictures are kinda hard to see b/c it was published a while back. I want a book that says step by step how to do things. This one is kinda like, do it your way, do it when you want, your baby will do it whenever he/she wants to and will do it their own way. Thanks for your input ladies and anyone else that has anything please let me know!


Hi - November 13

We've been watching signing vidoes together. The first one we got for made especially for 3 months and up. It has a only few signs, but its a good start for both of us. I didn't know any signs either. The next video was Signing Time w Alex and Leah. The first one is the best. We got the entire series. Recently we got "Baby Signs", she LOVES it. I don't know if it is because she has sign the same signs so often or if she just likes it more. She has started to sign alot more since we got it. I am thinking about getting the series for that too. We started when she was about 2 months, she is 13 months now.


- November 15


curious - November 15

Are children deaf ?


. - November 15



Hi - November 15

No, but becasue children can communicate with their hands first e.g. waving, clapping etc, if you teach them signing they can communicate other things to you. Like when they are hungry or tired.


Kathryn - November 15

My husband and I make up our own signs. I'm not going by any books or videos.


M - November 20

My mom is deaf and i learned sign language at the same time i learned to talk, i will teach my baby sign as she grows up too


kate - November 20

my hubby and i make up our own signs too. for "drink" we had her pat her mouth. for "hi" we had her wave. for "all done" we had her put both arms in the air. and for "eat" we had her open and close her mouth several times. worked wonderfully. HOWEVER - she talked late because of it. we laughed that we had created a mute child! she still won't say drink - she's 16 months old - she only pats her mouth. :)



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