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Moocher - April 16

I'm only 20 weeks pregnant with my first child and I'm hearing great things about baby sign language. I bought some cards with simple signs. They look pretty easy to learn (apparently they can learn it from 6 months onwards) and I'm thinking it'd be wonderful if it really worked and I was able to communicate with my baby. Has anyone else ever tried it? Did you succeed? What are your thoughts on this?


Maureen - April 16

Wow, I'm really interested in this, I heard all about it, it sounds great in theory, I too would really like to know if it works. Where do you buy sign language cards for baby?


Moocher - April 17

Where are you? I bought them from Waterstones in the U.K., but any good book shop should have them.


Samantha B - April 17

We are doing this right now. The first sign she learned was "milk" of course. She just started signing this a few days ago. It's so cool! We are using videos, so far we have tried; "Baby Babble", "Signing Time" and "My Baby Can Talk". "Baby Babble" is made by speech pathologists. It's recommended for 3 mos and up. It is very low tech, and light on the signing but baby finds it very interesting. To be honest you probably already do (will do) alot of the things in the video with your baby. "Signing Time" with Alex and Leah, I have to admit, I am hooked on their theme song. I can't get it out of my head! Again baby loves this one. It features Alex and Leah w/ other children signing. I can't remember if there is an age recommendation, but its probably 6mos and up. The last is "My Baby Can Talk" We just started it a few days ago. I don't like this one so much, but it is probably good reinforcement for the signs she already recognises.


c - April 20

i plan on trying with my baby. when my little brother was a baby my parents taught him... and it was so cool! he was able to express his needs and communicate before he could even speak.


Fabienne - April 27

My sister-in-law did this with her son and it worked remarkably. The baby was able to express his needs very early and parents loved it :)


Katharine - May 20

My daughter learned some sign language at her school. All the babies were able to do basic signs, such as "more", "drink", "eat", "finished", etc. It was really interesting, though, that they developed their own dialect. For instance, the teachers all used the correct sign for more, but the kids all used a variation of it that was basically pointing into their other hand. Maybe easier for them to do? But, it worked and made the pre-vocal months a little easier and not much crying at mealtimes over lack of communication frustration (for baby...).


JenniferB - May 21

It is a great thing to do but my sister in law did have a small problem with my niece. She learned so many signs that she didn't bother trying to talk. Her pediatrician suggested a speech therapist. She saw her a few times. Apparently she really had no speech problem. On the third visit my niece pointed at the therapist and said very clearly "Go home!" lol


Brittany - June 21

Do it if you want but why teach a baby sign language when they can talk? If I learned it at a young age, I wouldn't be using it right now.


Skyfeather - June 21

I bought a book and as soon as my daughter reaches 5 months I plan on trying it. Im learning the signs now so it will be easier when the time comes. That way I dont mess up and confuse her


Jbear - June 21

I never tried it, but have y'all seen "Meet the Fockers?" The baby in that movie uses sign language. It's pretty cute...


RC - July 2

I have been signing with my daughter now 21 months since she was 4 months old. I started out with the sign Milk everytime she had a bottle or nursed. By 9 mo she signed it back to me. Then I started with more. Its been a wonderful thing. Even my parents have picked up what she learns. She can tell me now if she wants milk or water or Juice even if we can understand her words. She doesnt watch TV, but does watch Signing Time DVDs ( Not only does she love them and want to watch them all the time every day; her vocabulary has shot up the charts. She talks like crazy too. I just cant always understand her, but I can understand her signs. Its awesome.


KEEKEE - July 3

Yeah, its great!!! My oldest is learning sign language. My youngest is starting to use some sign too. I love it. Babies are so smart. I can't wait until both of my guys get better at sign language. Good luck!!!



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