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ashtynsmom - May 3

My hubby and I are going out for the first time and leaving our 3.5 month old with a sitter. ( AAHHH!) I am very nervous, but excited!! We will be gone approximately 4 hours. The sitter is a friends 17 year old daughter who baby sits ALL THE TIME!! How much should I pay her? I asked her and she said "whatever you think", but I dont' want to be a cheapo and not give her enough money... any ideas?


SonyaM - May 3

My husband and I were about to do the same thing but we both got sick so we had to cancel. Our children are almost 4 and 7 months and we have NEVER left them with anyone but family or a child care provider (preschool). We were going to pay $12.00/hour. We are in Texas and that is a little above what our neighbors pay their sitter.


Kt - May 3

Are you going out at night? Will she be putting her to sleep? my niece is 17 and she gets $5-7 an hour depending on how many kids she watches and what she does. I would say $15-20 would be good.


ashtynsmom - May 3

My daughter will already be in bed when we leave for the evening. Should I get some snacks or movies or anthing for the sitter? I am such a "new mom"... I am clueless about this kind of stuff!!!


HANNAHs Mom - May 3

I think it depends on where you live and the age/experience of the sitter. I pay my sitter between $10 & $15 an hour...she is a college student and a teacher at a daycare center. My neighbor pays her highschool babysitter between $7 & &10 an hour. We live in the Boston area. Have an awesome time out with your husband!!!


HANNAHs Mom - May 3

I like to have some nice snacks on hand for the sitter. If she comes at dinner husband usually picks up pizza for my 4 year old and the sitter.


Sarahsmommy - May 3

If your LO will already be in bed I think $20 will be enough since all she has to do is listen out for her. I would have some snacks and movies or something for her to do.


C - May 3

I think $5-$10 is good per hour. Geez, I used to babysit 3 kids for $2 an hour when I was 17 (I'm now 33). Times have changed! I work full time so I already pay a sitter for that so I refuse to pay a sitter when I go out. I always use someone that has kids too and then I babysit for them for free the next time. It makes going out a lot more economical.



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