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ssmith - June 17

I have a futon bed in my daughter's room that I sleep on at night. For all the mom's that either sleep in baby's room, or have baby in their what age is it "safe" to leave the baby alone at night in their own room? My daughter is 6 wks, and is only up once to feed during the night. My husband & I are lonely for each other's company in bed (and I don't even mean for s_x), but I am a little afraid to leave her alone in her room....


Tillie - June 17

I think it's so sweet that you sleep in your daughter's room on a futon! Of course you and your husband are missing each other. Have you considered having your baby sleep in your room in a basket/basinette or co-sleeper? Our daugher (two weeks old) currently sleeps with us and will for the first three months or so, though I think it's probably perfectly safe to have your daughter in her room alone at night at 6 weeks. It's not so much an issue of safety, as far as I know, as it is comfort. Newborns love the comfort and security of being near their parents and it's easier for you to feed her in the night. I personally think it's so nice to sleep close to your baby for the first few months, but it's definitely *safe* not to, too.


ssmith - June 17

Thanks Tillie. I chose to sleep in the baby's room because my hubby works shifts, and I would feel really badly if he had to get woken up by the baby during the night. I mean, I know it's his baby too etc etc...but I am b___stfeeding, so there really is nothing he can do to help feed her...and no point in having to wake up. However, it would be nice to be able to share the bed with him again. She's super quiet at night though now, and I have mastered b___stfeeding in the dark (so not to wake the baby up more than necessary) maybe I will move her in our room...hmmm


YC - June 17

I was told by my ped that it's ok to after about 2 months. We didnt listen and are trying now and she is 6 months. Up until 2 nights ago she slept in her own bed in our room. I wish I would have started sooner because it is a big adjustment for her. I was just to scared to leave her alone. Good luck!


TCB - June 17

We moved our son out of our room at 1 month.


olivia - June 17

We did it at 1 month too.


Nerdy Girl - June 17

My son slept alone in his room at 10 weeks, and my daughter at 6 weeks.


AmandaManns - June 17

We moved our son at 6 weeks and he started to sleep through the night as soon as we did it. When he was in our room he would hear us talking or hear us moving around in bed and it would make him really restless.


cae - June 17

We moved our son from him ba__sinet to his own room at 4months, thats when he started sleeping through the night. It was a harder adjustment for me than it was for But I make sure I have our camera baby monitor on him at all times, makes me feel at ease. Good luck.


Meredith - June 17

Somewhere between 5 & 6 weeks...


jas - June 17

Hi ssmith - not sure if this will help, but my ds slept in his own room since day one. Once in a while I would "camp out" in his room. My husband is in the military and works very odd ball shifts so sleep is important to him, but so was sleeping with me when he could. We bought a monitor, have it on my side of the bed with the volume turned down low. Loud enough to hear him when he is up, but low enough dh sleeps through it.


Tillie - June 18

Here's an interesting article on establishing sleep habits (dashes must be removed):


JH - June 18

We did it at 2 months and I wish I had done it sooner. Our son was sleeping about 3 hrs. straight in our room. In the first week our ds started sleeping anywhere from 4.5-6 hours straight when he went from the pack n play in our room to his crib . My ped said that they can sometimes smell mom's milk and that wakes them up in the night. I believe it! Now we're all more rested and I feel like I can be a much better mother because of it.


AprilMum - June 18

Wow, my daughter has slept by herself since day one....I guess there's not that many of us! Anyways, she's done great with it; we haven't had any problems.


Tracyg - June 18

My daughter started sleeping in her own room at 6 weeks old. It was definitely harder on me than on her, I didn't get too much sleep the first couple of nights, but she did. She has been in her room for about 2 weeks now and she sleeps anywhere from 5.5 - 8 hours in her crib in the first stretch at night. I have a really good monitor and I can hear her breathing, so that helps me sleep too! I think it is a personal choice, whatever you feel comfortable with, I think it is safe enough even though I worry about that too and have gotten rid of all things dangerous in her crib and now she sleeps with just the mattress and a blanket wrapped tight around her, no bumpers or anything. We did go out and buy her an air conditioner though as it is quite hot in our house now that the weather is nice. I think the transitions are fine for the kids, but hard for us parents. Good luck.


mama3 - June 18

my oldest at 1 month my toddler not until she was 14 months and this on not sure I like the company. She will move in with her sister when she can sleep through the night. That way she don't wake her older sister up, lol.


Lalla - June 18

our dd sleeps in a ba__sinette in our room. she is now 3 months old. when she was smaller i would take her into the livingroom and bf her there for the same reasons that you don't want to wake up you husband. i would often end up sleeping there until morning (from4am). that way my dh and i got to sleep together half the night at least. we will let our dd sleep in our room until at least 4 months - since sids is most common between 2-4 months. good luck.



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