Baby Sleeping On His Side

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christine - October 22

i know its recommended for infants to sleep on their backs, and i do put him on his back, but he seems to like sleeping on his side instead. He'll just roll onto his side and seems to sleep more soundly in this position. Is this a SIDS risk? Should i keep rolling him onto his back?


momma - October 23

you could get one of those side sleeping wedges then the baby wont roll to his belly. i dont think that it is a sids risk till he rolls to his belly


krystal - October 23

how old is your baby?


Heidi - October 23

I prop my 1.5 wk old on her side too. I just feel more comfortable with her like that after feeding her as she knocks right out on me. Although I've watched her spit up on her back and never really gags on it. She instinctly turns her head to her side it seems. She seems to sleep better on her side also.


ally - October 25

try and get him used to sleeping on his back, persist a little but the side is fine, sounds safer than the back to me cause if anything is gonna get brought up it easily can, wont get stuck, sometimes my daughter is gagging and i have to quickly pick her up and gently tap her chest so she doesnt throw up, even on the back babies can even die like that if milk gets stuck, they cant breathe, anyhow its no sids risk


.... - October 25

My son is 2 weeks old and he rolls onto both his side and his stomach. He always instinctively turns his head to the side no matter how he is laying. I used to roll him back to his back when I noticed, but now I just let him sleep. I'm not worried about it. I don't think it's as big of a risk as they make it out to be. It's only my opinion, but I feel like sids is b__wn way out of proportion. I don't worry about it. It's no use trying to roll the baby back over to their back over and over again. If they want to lay another way, then they're going to roll that way as soon as you walk away anyways. I know you guys probably think I'm crazy for not worrying about sids, but I feel like it's only a "sudden death" because they don't fully understand it yet. I think that once it is figured out, doctors will see that there was a reason the child died. I think that it has something to do with the child's organs. Whether they're immature for some reason or just not functioning correctly. I just think that the body shuts down. Even if everything seems normal with the child prior to the death, you never know when they're that young whether or not everything is really okay. That's just my opinion though, who knows, maybe that's my way of rationalizing it so that I don't get all stressed out worrying about it.



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