Baby Slept Through The Night I M A Wreck

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ssmith - June 11

Hi...I am feeling like the worst mother. My 6 week old daughter slept through the night last night, and I am feeling so hubby & I had a "date" and went to the drive-in with the baby. After nursing her for a bit, she fell asleep probably around 11 or 11:30pm. We got home around 12:30-12:45 am and I just left the baby asleep in her car seat in the's where I feel SO bad....I knew she was poopie, but didn't get her out to change her because I figured she's be up in an hour or so (she usually sleeps 3-4 hours at a stretch maximum at night). But she didn't wake up until 6am!!! So, not only did she spend a really long time sitting in the car seat....she also sat in a poopie diaper all that time too. I could cry, I feel so horrible. I NEVER thought for a minute that she'd stay asleep until 6am...she's never gone that long.....guess I just needed to get that off my chest....


emilysmommy - June 11

awww, I know what you mean but don't feel bad. If she wasn't happy she'd have let you know! She was obviously comfy and it let her sleep harm done! :)


Rabbits07 - June 11

Don't beat yourself up about it. Like emilysmommy said...obviously, she wasn't uncomfortable or she would have cried.


Bonnie - June 11

Mason never tells me when he poops. He is quite content to just sit in it, lol., if I don't check it. If he goes at night I do not change him unless he wakes up crying. Don;t feel bad at all :)


HannahBaby - June 11 not going to sit here and say that your a bad mommy because you didnt change your babies diaper (because that most certainly doesnt make you a bad mother!!) However, think of your baby in the way you think of yourself. Thats what i do. When i get my daughter ready for bed at night i think to myself, would i be more comfortable with aa light nightgown and blankets or a sleep sack. (would i rather be woken up, or sleep in a poopie daiper) Its done and over with and move on, just be careful because babies who sit in their messes for too long can develope a staph infection (my daughter did from sitting in her poop for an hour while i was on a strech of highway that had no rest stop for 60 miles!!) Good luck and dont beat yourself up over this!


RB - June 12

don't worry - you had a good time and a happy mommy is a good mommy... as for the poopy diaper, if it bothered her, she'd let you know it - it won't kill her to be in her carseat either... anyhow, what's a little bit of poop right? glad you got a night out and don't worry!


Ginny - June 12

Congratulations on having a 6 week old that slept thru the night!! That's something to celbrate, poopy diaper or no!


austinsmom - June 12

ahhh no since in worrying about that when everything went ok...but something good did come out of it...just think she must me very comfortable in the car seat to have slept all night for the first when the time comes she is fussy fussy fussy you know she likes the carseat and it gives you another way to help make her happy.....there is a bright side to everything.... :-)


ssmith - June 12

Thanks for the support. It's amazing how you as a new mom, you can turn a situation into something that it isn't. Surely, she would have woken up crying if she wasn't comfortable. She would have let me know! I really appreciate your support though....thanks again!


joeysmom - June 13

It's fine, it's just one time of not changing the diaper. And it's okay to put your baby in the car seat. When my son was sick with a cold the doctor told me to put him in the car seat b/c it's elevated and it's cozy for them. And when I was trying to get my son to sleep in his crib the doctor told me to put him in his car seat in the crib so he can get used to his surroundings. Don't worry, I do the same things. I always feel so bad if I have to keep driving my son around all day, I feel like I am harming him or something and then I dwell over it forever.


HannahISAbaby - June 13

Hannahbaby - you mean you couldt pull over to change your babies diaper? And she got a staph infection? Wow, you should feel really bad about that.


Bonnie - June 13

Grow up please.


nic nac - June 13

come on hannaisababy, don't start.


Heather F - June 14

Hannahisababy - not called for! We do the best we can and we sometimes make mistakes - noone here wants to hear your negativity! SSmith - don't worry, enjoy the fact that your baby slept so baby is 13 weeks old and has never slept that long!!


lizard_stinks - June 15

come on Hannah! theres break down lanes everywhere. u make time.


BaileysMummy - June 15

Don't feel bad, as someone else stated if she was uncomfortable, she would have woken up. It was a one off occasion. HannahBaby does have a point about staph infections though, or nappy rash. I have noticed in quiet a few forums that people are always quick to put her down :( Hannah, you sound like an awesome mum! I totally agree with alot of your responses on how you bring up your daughter.


hello - June 15

no offence but i couldnt help but laugh when i saw that the lady who just needs some rea__surance cause she meant no harm and had no idea her baby would sleep that long has to be shot down by none other than our patron saint hannah baby...... i dont mean to pick on u lady but u sure take the cake sometimes with your replies.......



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