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amyLS - November 27

I'm only 4 months pregnant but am looking into everything. I want to purchase a baby sling for when the baby is born, but there are so many out there. Any advice or ideas on how to narrow down the search, or does anyone have a favorite that they recommend. Or does anyone have any stories against a certain brand etc. Thanks!


IrinaZ - November 27

I am huge on slings! We've also tried baby carrier - Snuggli (spel?), but both my son and I preger slings. His favorite (and mine too) iis the fleece pouch sling from Kangaroo Korner. He is 5 mo now and I can use this sling to carry him on my hip now as well as in front of me. We also have scarf-like wraparound sling - great for babywearing when you need to do things around the house and need both hands to do it. Some people say that it takes some getting used to puttin the sling on, but I took me 2 tries to learn how to do that; it's not that hard. Wraparound sling provides great back support for me. I haven't tried the ring sling, but I've heard from people that it's great to use with the newborn. We also have Snuggli baby carrier, which my son was OK with for about 2 months and now hates it. Not sure why.


IrinaZ - November 27

Sorry for typos - lack of sleep:))


Val - November 27

I have several different carriers - a sling, a Snugli, a Moby, and a Bjorn (a friend lent that one to us recently.) I didn't like our sling - our baby was pretty big and never seemed comfortable in it, plus it was awkward/sore to have it over one shoulder. I really liked the Snugli for ease of getting him in and out, and liked the Moby as well, although getting it on can be a bit confusing at first. Good luck!


kim00 - November 27

We have a moby, and we love it. I was confused about how to put it on, until I went to their website and watched the video, then it made sense. We also have a new native carrier, and I hate it, it feels like my lo will just fall out if I move the wrong way. Good luck in your search and on the rest of your pregnancy.


TiffanyRae - November 27

Aloha! I have a bjorn and LOVE it! We also have a BIG baby and the sling carriers just didn't work for us! Our baby is now four months! Congrats on the little one and loads of luck the rest of the way!


lmk - November 27

Oh gosh, I've bought 5 carriers! I got the Infantino Sling Rider and returned it right's too deep and low. The Ultimate Baby Wrap by Parents of Invention is OK, it's not super comfy as the fabric is too stretchy, and it's hard to get it tight enough. Have the baby bjorn but haven't tried it yet. I just bought the Hotslings pouch and a Gypsy Mama Bali Breeze stretchy wrap. I'm having difficulty with the Hotslings, because I think it may be too small for me, and I haven't yet tried the Gypsy mama one. There is a website dedicated to baby wearing: thebabywearer dot com.


Gretta - November 27

I love my Maya Wrap! I wish I had bought it sooner. I ahted the Baby Bjorn - felt like I was preggers...


c_baer19 - November 27

I have the Baby Bjorn, and even my husband admits it was money well spent! My DD didn't even like it until about 8 weeks old or so (but I only tried it once or twice), but after that she loved it. It has been a lifesaver many times, and she still falls asleep in it! I love it because it keeps her calm (a__suming I'm walking around or moving) and sleepy. Also, I have both hands free. Never tried a sling, though.


jacobsmom - November 28

I have a sling from Slinglings and another from Hotslings. I love both! They seemed a little too small at first, but that might have just been my extra weight. They do fit pretty tight, but the pocket for baby expands pretty well. My lo did not like it the first few weeks, but now he loves it. Especially when I put him in so he is facing the world. We go shopping like that and he is all smiles.


pregnant76 - November 28

I loved my maya wrap! I was a carrier maniac. I had the bjorn, maya, moby, infantino and the ergo. When my DD was younger, I loved the maya the best. Now that she's older I absolutely love the ergo. I don't really like the bjorn but my dd loves facing out and you can't do that with the ergo. I also went to a carrier workshop and they said that until the baby can their own head up, the bjorn is not good for the baby since it basically holds them up by their crotch. A sling or ouch will help support their spine, neck and head while the bjorn doesn't do that. Good luck!


DDT - November 28

I have tried a few slings myself. I initially bought the Baby Bjorn which worked great. But when ds was 4-5 months old he started becoming a little heavy for it. I then purchased the Moby sling. I didn't like it at all because it was hard to wrap without someone to help which is not convienient when you're a SAHM. I then bought the Ellaroo Mei Hip carrier. I love it because its very comfy and ds can look out from all directions. Obviously its made for an older baby/toddler but totally worth the money when that time comes. The Ergo wasn't an option because it isn't forward facing and my baby didn't appreciate looking into my chest the whole time at 5 months old. He preferred looking out even from about 3 months old which is why the Baby Bjorn came in handy.


DDT - November 28

BTW my ds could hold his head up and steady by 3 the Baby Bjorn was fine.


aliciavr6 - November 28

I like hotslings



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