Baby Slings And Wraps

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fatboy - September 23

My 1 month old wants to be held all the time and dh helps out when he's around, but he is getting ready to deploy to Iraq and I will be on my own. I need something that will free my hands so I can get things done around the house. We purchased a infantino sling from babies r us, but it seems to swallow her whole, it looks uncomfortable for her and it is very uncomfortable for me causing my back to ache. Does anyone have any suggestions. I've heard a lot about the Moby wrap....what do you think? Thanks in advance!


DDT - September 23

There is the Moby, Maya, Ergo & Ellaroo to name a few. I used the Bjorn from the beginning, then changed to the Moby when my ds was around 4 months, then bought a Ellaroo when my ds was around 6 months. I bought the Ellaroo Mei hip carrier which can be worn on your hip or back...its intended for an older baby. I liked the Bjorn but my ds eventually got too heavy for it; I didn't like the Moby as it took too much work to put it on and off. I didn't want the Ergo because its not intended for forward-facing and my ds hates facing in especially the older he's gotten. I would suggest getting the Ellaroo wrap or sling. GL!


kelley - September 23

I have the Moby wrap and I absolutely love it. My ds likes to be held as well, and on top of that I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old that I have to have my hands free to deal with. I have not owned any of the other wraps or slings although I did use a baby bjorn at one point and I like this much better, it is so much easier on my back and he seems far more comfortable. I do not find it hard to use or wrap... it just takes a couple of attempts and then it is really easy. Good luck.


fifijeep - September 24

Hi, I have a sling/wrap from chicpapoose dot come. They are great and come in some really good patterns. My ds loves it!


kimberly - September 24

I am an amputee and walk on crutches, so I am very interested in something that would free my hand so walking would be easier. The cheap carriers I have tried didn't work well because you still need to support their back and because my crutches are under my arms when I walk most carriers just get in the way because my crutches hits the carrier when I walk. If there is a better sling/carrier that would work better I would love to hear about it! Also I wanted to send a huge Thank You to your dh for all he does for our country!!!


KLT - September 24

I use the Ergo and like it. Its got great padding and support. Only thing I don't like about it is if I wear ds in front, he has to face inwards. I got it initially b/c he likes to be carried on my hip. I had gotten a sling pouch from slinglings dot com...but it was a waste of money. Now ds likes being carried on my back and is always trying to get piggy back rides..


slackette - September 24

Hey, for those of you with Ergo carriers, what age did you put your LO in them without the infant insert? I just got one and my LO is only 6 weeks old and I put him in it without the insert and I think its just as supportive as the Bjorn. Do I really need to invest in the insert? Oh, and Kimberly, I only just got the Ergo today and I didn't have to support his back like I have to with the Bjorn, so it felt more "hands free" than the Bjorn did. But I have seen people with the Moby and that one seems even more "secure" with the baby really close to your chest, so maybe that would be a good option for you.


fatboy - September 24

Thanks to all for your advice. Kimberly, I looked at the Moby wrap and I agree with Slackette. Looks like that might be a good investment for you. So far the Moby is my first choice, but I haven't checked out the Ergo yet. By the way, dh is thrilled to hear someone thank him for his service. He just doesn't get that much. Thank you for thanking him!


kimberly - September 24

Thank You, Slackette and Fatboy! I will see how it works.


pregnant76 - September 24

Slackette, I started putting Sienna in it at 8 weeks. I just had her legs folded inside but just made sure that the bottom was on tight so that she wouldn't fall through. I also have the moby and I LOVE the comfort and support. However, I found it very frustrating to get it on sometimes.


slackette - September 24

I never thought of putting his legs inside the Ergo...I think he would like that. Thanks, I will try that tomorrow!


kimberly - September 26

I looked up the Moby online and it looks like it will work for me, but isn't it complicated to put on?? I noticed it has several different ways to wrap it, which is good, but I was just wondering if it is easy to figure out? I don't want to purchase one if I will not be able to use it right!


inuk-mama - September 26

Hello. I just thought i would add my opinion about slings/carriers. With my dd I used a front carrier and it hurt my back so bad! She was only in it once or twice because of te pain it caused me. With ds, my MIL made me an amoutik. It is a jacket with a huge hood for baby to sit in. They rest right at your lower back and stay warm with all the body heat and hood cover. It is a traditional Inuit jacket and I love it!! I carried ds in there until my stomach got too big to fit the jacket. (32 weeks with #3) So my suggestion for anyone with back problems or wanting their front clear, try a carrier on your back. Frees up all sorts of room in front! ;)



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