Baby Smiles

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chrissi79 - February 28

How old was your LO when they started smiling for real?


kristie h - February 28

Ds was around 6-7 weeks


pinkrox87 - February 28

my twins first tried smiling at 7 weeks but were fully smiling by 8.5 weeks - they were also 6 weeks premature.


MM - February 28

Ds was 6 weeks - dh & I got our first "real" smile Christmas Day... how's that for a Christmas present!


Gena - February 28

Ella was exactly 1 month old. Makes it all worth while!


BriannasMummy - February 28

My dd started smiling around 6 weeks for sure. ~Kristin~


AshleyB - February 28

Garrett was about 7wks old. Now at 11wk he's smiling allll the time!!


SuzieQ - March 1

I'm not sure how to answer this one. My dd was smiling right in the hospital (gas, I know). But she never stopped! She smiled a lot in her sleep, while she was awake, pretty much all the time she would break out in a sweet little grin every hour or two.


julieB - March 1

my son was about 2 months old.. and he has not stopped since


LollyM - March 1

um.. I think it was 6 weeks for occasional smiles, and 8 weeks for permanent smiles =p


mandee25 - March 1

8 weeks old he started to smile and now at 14 weeks does it like a hundred times a day. I love it!


Pea Pod - March 1

4 weeks exactly, on Valentines day!



4 weeks we were at our pediatrician's office waiting for him to come in. Dh was videotaping with his cell and we caught it on film!!!! First smile on film, what great luck!


Lala - March 1

4 weeks, and it's the best thing in the world!!! :) :) :)


tryingx3 - March 1

I'm like SuzieQ - our dd was smiling from the get-go...there was a time during our first week at home when she "popped" off my b___st and looked up at me and smiled ear to ear....I can't remember but I think I had been talking to her. My mother was there...we were in tears, it was hysterical.


mosley12 - March 2

started at 5 weeks, but was giving huge full smiles around 6-7 weeks


chrissi79 - March 2

LOL - my DD is 5 weeks and has totally found her smile...last night she was smiling a lot, and then today she was smiling for like 10 cute...when they first find their smiles, and they are like "wow this is kinda neat!!" LOL



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