Baby Spitting Up

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ssmith - May 10

My baby girl is 2 weeks old, and the past few days she has been spitting up. This morning she threw up EVERYTHING that was in her tummy. Do you think she is getting too much milk in her tummy...and that's why she's been spitting up? It upsets me when she throws up, even though I know a little spitting up is normal. Thanks ladies!!


Bonnie - May 10

I can tell you a lot about this. :) Spitting up is generally normal. Most babies are born with a mild amount of reflux. This means they spit up because the valves in the tummy are not developed enough to function properly. They generally grow out of this, or at least most of it around 3 months. Some babies can take a year or more though. If she is not bothered when she spits up and she does not lose weight, it is nothing to worry about (though a bit messy). Bear in mind, it can sometimes look like they are throwing up a ton. If she begins to lose a lot of weight because she is throwing up so much (if you think she may start to do that, take her down to the peds office and they can weigh her) OR if she is in pain from it, she may have a mroe serious degree of reflux which may need lifestyle changes or possibly medications (lucky me ended up with that). Generally though, it is very normal for the spitting up part. :)....there is also the possibility of her getting sick. Check her temperature and look out for signs of dehydration (cracked lips, not peeing in diapers, sucken soft spot, etc.) and call the doc if you feel she may be. Otherwise, just hang in there, it's all part of being a baby. :)


McKitt - May 11

So glad someone asked this! My five week old is doing the same thing. And since he's only been eating for 2 1/2 of those weeks ... it was starting to freak me out. (He was on life support & IV feedings while he was in NICU the first few weeks of his life.) Thanks BONNIE! :)


Nerdy Girl - May 11

If you are doing formula, Enfamil makes one called "AR" that is specifically made to reduce spit-up.


Marlene - May 11

You can also ask your doctor about similac isomil it works for babies that spit up alot. Talk to your doctor he may want to change the formula


Hannah777 - May 11

I was so concerned about the same problem we had to see our ped last week. You got all the explanations already but watch out for worsening of syumptoms. You must keep her in upright position after she eats, try to feed her smaller amounts more often (I know it's a pain in the b___t..). Also make sure she burps well every time. I hold my DB upright for at least fifteen minutes after each feeding. Also, if she still spits up a lot (meaning spit up is not running down her shirt but kind of goes further - as if she was vomiting) and this happens often and more often, you must take her to the doc asap. This could be a sign of a more serious condition. Good luck.


McKitt - May 11

Oh c___p! Now I'm worried again ... I'm b___stfeeding. (Pumped & froze it until he could nurse.) So it's not a matter of changing formula. (Right?) My husband asked if there is anyway he might be allergic to my b___st milk. I don't know ... got me thinking. Is that even possible?


nic nac - May 11

McKitt that is possible but it would have to do with what you are eating. You should stay away from dairy (eggs, cows milk, cheese) broccoli, onions and garlic. My dd had a little reflux too and I kept her elevated and fed her smaller meals more frequently like Hannah777 said. Bonnie knows more so if symptoms persist talk to your dr. or Bonnie.


ssmith - May 11

So dairy is bad too?? Maybe that's part of my (and daughter's) problem. Oh dear...I've had a bowl of cereal, grilled cheese, and a gla__s of milk today. I didn't know that dairy might not be good...


Bonnie - May 11

As long as she is not in pain or losing weight then I wouldn't change a thing. Even if it seems like a lot. She will grow out of that in a few months when her tummy matures and the valve closes properly. If she has pain then you need to contact your ped (and ped's aren't always too knowledgable on reflux). Reflux (when pain and weight loss is involved) can be caused by other things besides just an underdevleoped tummy. Food allergy is one of them, to which you would then start modifying your diet. But there are also many other causes....motility problems, too much air, etc. Is she having a pain or losing weight? If not, just hang in there and mind the mess a couple months. :)


Bonnie - May 11

P.S. There is a ton of info at


ssmith - May 14

Is it normal for a baby to spit up a small amount an hour or two after a feed? Is that just milk caught up in a burp? I thought they only spat up righht after eating...


Rabbits07 - May 14

It's normal for them to spit up anytime. I was wondering if doctors ever use Metoclopramide any more??? When my second son was born he had reflux really bad. We tried all kinds of different formulas, placing him in his carseat after eating, etc.---he would projectile vomit so forcefully that you would get splatter on you if you were within 4 or 5 feet of him. I always had to carry several changes of clothes for him as his bib & clothes would be drenched where he vomited so much. Finally, the doctor prescribed Metoclopramide for him. It is used to treat GERD, but also helps to tighten the underdeveloped esophageal (sp?) sphincter that is often the cause of reflux in infants. After he took it he never had any problems after that. I hear a lot about infant reflux nowadays and different drugs to treat, but I never hear about Metoclopramide being used. It worked wonders for us.


Bonnie - May 14

SSmith, yep it's normal. :)...Rabbit, yes, Metoclopramide is Reglan. It's a drug used to move the food through the digestive system faster. It is not common as it has some very bad side effects that happen often, so it's a fairly dangerous drug. There are some similar drugs out there that do the same thing and most docs go with them first. But I've known quite a few people on it. :) I'm glad yours did so well on it. :D



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