Baby Standing Up

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Annette - June 17

If I hold my baby ´s hands, he will push with his little legs and stand up. He LOVES it. He laughs and smiles and if I put him down he will start crying. The thing is that he is only 4 months old, and although he has been doing this since he was 3, some people (old aunts) have commented on that being bad for his bones and joints. I thought it´d be harmless, and even I read in a baby magazine that moms should encourage any activity involving sitting and standing up, but now dh thinks I should quit doing that (because his old aunts commented on.... blabla) and even suggesting that his legs start looking too curvy. Any comments?


TCB - June 17

My son is 5 weeks and does that. The doc said that it being bad for the bones and thathim being bow legged are old wives tales


J - June 17

My baby did loved doing that when she was really little. I asked the doc about the curved legs and she said its normal and they grow out of it.


Ca__sieSong - June 17

Let your baby stand. A baby will do what it wants to do, when it is ready. My dd wanted to stand all the time too since she was 2.5 months old. By 4.5 months she could stand by herself next to the couch! Now at 6 months, she walks around the house as I hold her hands. She just looooves to stand and walk. As the other gals said, babies getting bowlegged because of early standing/walking is a myth. Baby's legs will look that way for a while. It is normal and the will outgrow it. Out of curiosty... does your baby like being on the floor. My dd still has not begun to creep or scoot. She hates being down there, but I make her have floor time a few times a day. She instantly rolls onto her back if I put her on her tummy. I don't think she'll ever learn to crawl... just to straight to walking.


Annette - June 17

Thank you all, ladies! Feel much better now. Ca__sieS, my son doesn´t really love the floor. He doesn´t care much for his gym, however he moves around a lot. He doesn´t crawl yet but he manages to roll onto his side and back to belly and kick himself around to the point where if I leave him alone for 10 seconds I have to pull him from under the dinning table. I don´t worry much, I NEVER crawled myself, instead I walked by 10 months, so I guess it is OK.



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