Baby Started Solids But Still Eats As Much Formula If Not

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shelly - November 30

MORE!! it seems like iam constantly holding a bottle. she will be 4 months tomorrow (i can't believe that) lol, and she's eating me out of house and home. the dr. started her on solids 2 weeks ago, and she's a great eater, however, he said she should be consuming about 20oz a day in formula now, and no shorter then 4 hours apart, but she eats her solids, and at least a whole container (32 oz) a day. at LEAST! sh's only 12+ pounds, at least she was, but her appet_te is through the roof, and actually my carpul tunnel came back from holding a bottle so much. can anyone relate to this? the dr. bashed me last time for feeding her every 1 1/2- 2 1/2 hours, but that is what she is demanding, how am i supposed to deny her food if she is hungry? i know it should be every four hours, but i can't force that on her, and i was hoping the solids would decrease formula feedings, but nope!! eating more then ever. can anyone relate to this?? thanks girls!


Jamie - November 30

Just because she's eating solids doesn't mean she's getting proper caloric intake from them. At only 4 months, solids should still be introductory, not a replacement.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 30

My son has started jar foods, he is almost 4 mos and weighs over 16 lbs. He eats the same amt of formula as usual. He actually gets cereal in his bottles for reflux as well, and still takes as many oz with cereal as without. I think that's normal. I always feed my baby when I know he is hungry. My doc says some babies just need more than other babies. My son is very healthy. He takes about 32 oz per day.


shelly - November 30

good iam glad you girls can understand why i must feed my child, for him to put me down and say iam over feding her was rong. does he live in my home?? also, she eats 4 1/2 tablespoons of the cereal with 2 oz, milk, and then 6 oz after, which is alot, but she wants it, ya know? then at night she has a jar of baby food, and then 6oz after to. every bottle inbetween is never spaces further apart then 2 1/2 hours. my hubby says iam over feeding her, and missing the proper "cues", that just because she puts her hands in her mouth and gets awbery, despite the fact that i do believe she is teething, i know the hunger look an cry, and i believe that if she truly wasn't hungry she;d turn away and stop eating, correct? but she doesn't do that. hubby thinks it's just a reflex for her to eat with a bottle in her mouth cause of her sucking reflex but i don't buy it. if i was full, i'd let you know, if not by words, with actions. no baby wants a bad belly from over feeding. am i right in my thinking? thanks, shelly


momma - November 30

when my dd started solids just b4 four months of age she still wanted as much formula but she started getting used to eating solids and gradually drank less formula and ate more solids im sure she will be fine she hasnt been eating solids that long shell get the hang of it and evenutlly start drinking less milk good luck


andie - November 30

my theory with my babies has always been-if they want to eat, let them. babies don't eat cause they are bored, or lonely, or cause they are craving sweets or junk food. babies eat cause they are hungry. if you let them eat all they want when they are young, then they probably won't have an eating problem when they are older. my 5 year old eats more than i do, and my 2 month old eats between 8-10 oz every feeding. they are not fat, and are very healthy. letting a baby go hungry is cruel. have you thought about getting another opinion from another doctor?



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