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nameless - October 27

My eleven month old isn't talking at all yet, she won't even say mama or anything, she doesn't attempt to mimic anything i say either!!! could it have anything to do with being neglected in daycare or something, please help!!! she is otherwise a happy baby and smiles a lot !! here are her pics


Ginger - October 27

I'm not sure. But I have a similar concern. My 3 month son likes to just be in his crib. I am very concerned that the daycare is neglecting him becasue he's SO good. The daycare lady said that boys start out slower than girls and that he's fine. I just want to make sure she is giving him enough attention and mind stimulation. He is the sweetest thing ever and I'm so in love.


nameless - October 27

thats what i am afraid of, that in daycare she is jus left in her crib, and not given enough attention or stimulation. other than this she doesn't have any developmental delays, but this is really bothering me, I wish I could spy on her daycare and see what really goes on in there....


Toya - October 27

I'm not taking Asjani to daycare until she can talk, so she can tell me what's going on in there. Hopefully that's not the case as far as the babies being left in the crib all day. Maybe you can show up unexpectedly to the daycare.


nameless - October 27

I have shown up unexpectedly and she was in her crib, but there is nothing i can do about that, unfortunatly i have no choice but to take her to daycare..., I hurts when I hear horror stories of daycares putting benedril in baby bottles and I get soooo paranoid, I always switch to a new daycare because i am so paranoid about little things like getting dirty looks!


Jenn... - October 27

I have seen daycares advertised that have webcams all over so that you can watch your baby via internet throughout the day. Maybe you can see if there is one that does this in your area.


renee - October 27

jenn, i've never heard of that before, i'll look into that..


just wondering - October 27

Not to be rude or anything, but I was just wondering why you use your name on other post, but this one you use nameless?


nameless - October 27

don't know!!!sometimes I'm embarra__sed , like I'm not a good mom and I don't know what I'm doing... Why does this bother you?


just wondering - October 27

No it doesn't bother me. I was just wondering because you put your daughters web page address on here, btw is a cutie, but you wanted to remain nameless. Be proud ( I know you are)!!


me! - October 27

Liana... your daughter is 11 months? Am I crazy or was your website showing a younger baby? Maybe you have 2 babies? sorry, just nosey!


Liana - October 27

no, I only have one daughter that is eleven months old, those picture are old,.. i just don't have any new digital pics... I will update soon sometimes. ;-)


Pam - October 27

back to the original question nameless, at 11 months your daughter shoul be talking ( saying simple words) trying to sing along or mimicking others, if she is not doing any of that consider that she may have some impediment or disability to speak, you should have her checked out and talk to he more often... how much time do you spend with her???


chelsey - October 27

Have you got her hearing checked? Maybe she isn't hearing properly. However, my girlfriend has an 18 month old son, and he just started saying no (first word) a couple of months ago. She spends all day with him, talking to him. My daughter started talking at 9 months. So really, it may just be that she doesn't want to.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - October 27

When Amaya starts daycare, we will be putting her in a daycare that has webcams. I have looked into this and want to make sure that nobody can see my baby and the only people that have access to the webcam are people that have children in the center. I feel very comfortable with the center we have chosen. She probably will not start until after the first of the year (I graduated cosmetology school in March and will be starting work in a couple of months so she will go to daycare) Nameless, I dont think that your baby is being neglected, usually the ones that are neglected are the ones that start talking sooner (have to get attention) If you are worried, talk to them about getting a speech therapist to come and work with her. They usually have them either onstaff or someone comes in and they pay them. As long as she is happy and doesnt cling to you or scream when being dropped off then I am sure she is fine!


nameless(Liana) - October 27

thank you for your advice and reasurement ladies, I think i am just worring like a normal mommy, all children develop differently, she is almost walking and she laughs a lot , her hearing is fine, she reacts when I call her and stuff... its just the speech thing...


Narcissus - October 28

You have a gorgeous baby and my heart goes out to you. Also, who's the hunk in the photos? Wo, but too young for me:) I have a book by Dr Sears and this is what it states re your concerns (approximate guidlines) ---- 6 -9 months -- Babbles random consonant-and-vowel combinations (ah, da, ba, ma, di, mu) and jabbers these sounds together. Adds tongue movement to change sound (ah-da). Consistently responds to own name. Uses arms to invite caregivers (raises arms to signal "pick me up"). ------------- 9-12 months -- Two syllable sounds (ma-ma, da-da), a__sociates sounds with right person. Understands "no". Imitates sounds: cough, toungue clicks. Understand gestures (waves bye bye).



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