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Momof5 - February 15

My son just turned 8 months old today. He is not really crawling yet, but can roll to where he wants to go.. He also scoots in a weird way.. I myself love to hold him alot and with having 4 other children it seems as though he is always is being held.. How much time a day are your LO getting for time alone one the floor? He will only do short periods of time before he is fussing to be held or entertained... Thanks, Mich__le


piratesmermaid - February 15

Gretchen spends a lot of time on the floor. I put a blanket down with her toys on it and she can occupy herself for a good while. Sometimes I have to get down there with her to keep her from fussing. She's 7months old tomorrow, and she's been down on a blanket on the floor regularily since 3months old. I guess I was very obsessive about "floor time" because one of my hubby's coworker's son NEVER, I mean NEVER spent time on the floor. They always held him or had him sitting on the couch watching TV. He was almost a year old before he even started scooting, I think he was 10months before he rolled as a means of locomotion.


Erynn21 - February 15

Nora is 5 months and an only child and gets held most of the time. She will do it for short times also before she grows bored of being on the blanket, I try to do the tummy time thing and she rolls on her back to play. I guess she scoots and rolls around, her fav position is standing holding our hands, the kid wants to be up. I'm not obsessive either way.


Emily - February 15

My oldest got held alot. She got floor time when I needed to get things done. But she spent alot of time after bath till bedtime on my lap. Marcy spends more time on the floor. She is really good at occupying herself most times. She is now likeing it even more cause she is crawling and pulling herself up. she was standing by my mom's chair when I got there for lunch and I picked her up. she smiled at me and tehn straightened her legs and pushed away. She wanted back down! Mary on the other hand seems to have forgotten that she knows how to wlak, cause it is always hold me mommy. But really that is the only way she is jelous so it isn't bad. By far Mary and Marcy have reached milestones at about hte same rates. Mary did some things a little faster like eating ceral and fruits and rolling over. She rolled eveyrwhere by the time she was 4mos. Macy didn't do that till she was 5-6, but has learned to crawl faster than Mary did (Mary still got around, she just scooted and rolled. She only crawled for about a month before she was walking.....)


Momof5 - February 15

Thanks , I will have to let him have more floor time..He also is the kinda baby that wants to stand while you hold his hands so he can walk..


dee23 - February 16

yes ds loves the floor. he has since about 3 months though. he is usually on the floor the majority of the day, but latle he has been crawling up furniture then leaning back, falling, and then bangs his head on the floor. so i dont give him as much anymore because i have to keep my hands around him to catch him all the time. so i got an excersaucer to put him in while i get things done. the longer they are on the floor, the better i would say, even if they fuss abit. they tend to work out there muscles more when they fuss anyway.


sahmof3 - February 16

Can you create times when noone's allowed to pick him up? lol When my younger ones were born the older ones were still too little to pick them up, but my problem was it wasn't safe to lay them on the floor with older kids running around. I had to make times when the older ones wouldn't be in the room so the younger could have tummy time, usually in the evenings when dh was home. But they hated it because they weren't as used to it as my oldest was... it was easy to schedule tummy time for him ;-)



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