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angel - February 6

hi ladies, i gave birth my little angel on Dec09,2005 and she is going to be 2months on Feb09. I had C-section and nobody was here for my help. So, just me and my husband. My both family live in INDIA. I would like know that when your baby can travel. The total hours from California to INDIA is about 28hours. I am giving her my milk but through bottle because she is not a good sucker. I Pump after every 4-5 hrs. Tell me how can go there and what are the facility Airline give for small baby.I really need help ..........i think i am not doing great job as a mother..........


Heidi - February 6

Are you inquiring as to what the airline will let you do as far as pumping? I would ask a flight attendant to watch your little one while you use the restroom to pump or ask if they have an area you could do it in. Wait till your little one is napping. I would hope they would accomodate you.


Heather - February 6

I can kind of relate. My little one is now 2 weeks old and hubby and I were the only ones here in germany - the rest of our family is in texas. I had to be induced quickly b/c of preeclampsia. We just applied for her birth registration and pa__sports. They will take almost 12 weeks and we are leaving in exactly 12 weeks to go back to the states - so she will be 3.5 months old. I am nursing though - I do pump, but plan to nurse on the plane. I would try to talk to the airline you plan to use. Do you use an electric pump, if so you will have to see if the airline requires a special adapter. Have you been in contact with a lactation consultant about working on your daughters suckling/sucking? They may be able to help you be able to strictly nurse as the baby gets older. Our flight is only 10.5 hours - nonstop. I hope you the best, I am anxious about our trip, with our first daughter we didn't travel overseas until she was already 1, but my sister traveled by air with her son when he was only 1 week old - it was only from cali to tx..... By the way - you are doing a great job as a mother, it takes a lot of patience and commitment to pump like you have to, to make sure your baby gets b___st milk.


Jbear - February 7

You should ask the pediatrician what immunizations she will need before she can travel to India, and how old she needs to be to get them.


angel - February 7

thanks, ladies for your reply. I think i should call the airlines and ask about the pumping. I am so worried about my baby. Sometime i think that i am not taking good care of her and also not taking care of myself too...i really need my mom......OH GOD!!!! i am again crying..........


Zacks Mom - February 7

Hi Angel. I feel you pain as I was also in your shoes once. I am from Singapore and we leave in Seattle. It's just me, husband and baby and we don't have any relatives here. I too had a c-section and gave up on b___stfeeding and pumping after giving a month try due to depression.... I was also taking care of the baby on my own since birth for about 2 weeks before my in-laws came and help me out for a month. After that, I'm on my own again until my mom came to visit when baby is almost 4 months. By then I have established a routine with the baby. Even with the help I get, I still try to take on caring for the baby while my helper helped me with other things such as food, etc.. I know it is tough and you have to be strong and to take things 1 things at a time. Try looking for an Indian a__sociation in California where you can meet up with people who can help with the baby in some way. Can your parents get a visa to come help you for a few months? I would be worried travelling with the baby considering it is a long flight and I wouldn't like the stale air in the plane... but that is just me..


Meredith - February 7

I was on a Continetal (sp?) flight from Houston to Honolulu and it was about 8 hours, and they had a couple with a small baby, they sat right behind the bulkhead (i think that is what it is called) and they actually had a little ba__sinett type thing that could hang on the wall in front of them so the baby could lay flat and sleep. They had to take the baby out for landing of course. Ask your airline if they have accomodations like that!


Heidi - February 7

Angel - you're not a bad mom. Sounds like you're an awesome mom! If you weren't you wouldn't even be asking these questions or be on line looking for help. Make sure you bring plenty of bottled milk with you for the trip at least and if you have to pump but don't have anywhere to do it, bring a hand pump and wear something baggy and just sit in your seat and pump! I WOULD!!!!!



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