Baby Turns Head Away When Picked Up

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lrodriguez83 - May 18

I have a 2 and a half month old baby boy and starting a few weeks ago everytime you pick him up, he turns his head to the side away from you and looks away. I think that it is he justs wants to look around and see everything he can but my mother in law says that something must be wrong if he does that. Does anyone else have a little one that is doing this or did this? Please let me know!!!


HANNAHs Mom - May 18

Our daughter did the same exact thing when she was around that age...esp when my husband held her. I told him she just didn't care for his breath! :) Seriously, I don't know why she did it but she outgrew it and now looks us right in the face. I would say it's just one of those baby things...don't worry!


lrodriguez83 - May 18

Thank you for responding. It is nice to know it is not just my little boy. I thought that it may just be at this age that they are getting more and more curious of their surroundings and they can see more things and want to see more. It's great to know she outgrew it and I am sure he will too.


pbj - May 18

I don't think there's really anything wrong, like you said he probably wants to look around. As long as he responds to you other times, I would think he's fine. MIL's can freak you out, I know mine does all the time.


Rabbits07 - May 18

I don't think I would worry about it at that young of an age. Babies are easily distracted by almost everything!


nic nac - May 18

nothing is wrong. my dd still does that and she is almost 5 months. she likes looking around and after a minute or two she looks in our faces.


lrodriguez83 - May 18

Thanks everyone. I really appreciate your responses. It helps to know that it is ok. I should have just went with my mommy instincts that it is ok. MIL's can freak you out and I just want to say to her sometimes you had your kid 23 years ago, you can't remember if yours did this so stop telling me what you think is wrong with my son. Let's talk about what is right with him and that he is fine and he is a happy baby... Thanks again


Bonnie - May 18

I know that there are certain positions that can indicate problems (like if they cross there legs and go stiff when picked up) but Mason always turned his head away as well. I am a BIG fan of mommy instincts. Trust your gut on that. I would say it is normal as well.


Linneah - May 18

Irodriguez83, my son is now 3 months and does the exact same thing!! Its sorta funny. No matter who picks him up, he'll turn his head to the side real quick. We'll even try to turn him so his head is still to the side and hes still be facing us, but he'll turn his head the other way or get real frustrated. We just figured he didn't like people up in his face. I even asked the doctor at his 2 month checkup, but she laughed and told me not to worry. But I'm glad that Hannahs Mom said that her daughter grew out of it, so hopefully our sons will too.


Mommy - May 18

My mom said the same thing about my kids. Babies like to look around and they have short attention spans. They did it to around 4 months and they are just fine. Don't worry unless your pediatrician says something.


lrodriguez83 - May 19

Thanks again everyone. I feel so much better after everyone's response. It helps to know other's are going through or have gone through the same thing.


kimberley - May 19

Babies do this! He is at the age where he can see good, and can focus better, and when he is picked up, he can see a whole lot more. Dont worry about what your MIL is saying sheeesh.......If it makes you feel any better ask your doctor or ped, but he will say the same.


jas - May 20

Thanks for this thread! I was thinking it was me... It does wonders for the self esteem when you pick up your little one and he will look at the couch or tv and smile but look away when you try to get him to look at you!


Bonnie - May 21

LOL....sometimes I swear Mason does that just to wind me up!



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