Baby Tylenol 2 Month Old

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Sin - November 30

Hey Just need some opinions from other mothers. My poor baby boy has major gas to the point where he is screaming and cant sleep longer than an hour at a time. I know other mothers who give their babies tylenol to help them sleep but I am leary of giving it to him because he is so young. He is in pain and I've already tried anti gas drops, burping etc. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.


Zack's mom - November 30

I would never give Zack tylenol to make him sleep. Zack is 2 mths now and hardly have gas. He was ga__sy when he was 1 mth old and I gave him Mylicon drops and hold him upright and keep patting his back. I had also changed his bottle from Avent to Dr Brown to cut down the gas. I would also sing "The wheel on the bus" and pedal his legs. This helps him to release his gas too and he will think you're playing with him.


Me again - November 30

Also this doesnt seem like his normal colicky episodes. His cries are different and you can hear his belly making these awful noises. Hes not constipated as he went already today. Im not sure what else to do as we have tried everything. Hes slept maybe 2 1/2hours tops since about 4pm today. He is sooo tired but cant stop pa__sing gas which makes him cry so hard hes tearing up. He tries to eat but gets more upset and just hates his nuk. ;(


Zack's mom - November 30

Sounds like gas to me. I also check this on Zack. If his stomach looks bloated (as if full)? If you lightly tap with your fingertips (like hitting a drum) and it sounds like it's hollow? I have asked the doctor onces about Zack's gas episodes, he a__sured me that it will be gone is a few weeks time and asked me to bare with it as these are normal. So, I spent my sleepless night comforting him. Are you giving him formula? You might want to talk to your doctor if your son is allergic to it....


Jbear - November 30

Are you feeding him formula? It sounds like he might be lactose intolerant. I would call the doctor tomorrow and describe his symptoms, and then ask the doctor if you should try a soy formula or a lactose-free formula. Also, you can give the gas drops every two hours if necessary. About tylenol, I gave my daughter some when she was two months, before her shots. She's teething now at three and a half months, and when she gets really fussy I will give her tylenol. The dosage is by weight, if you've already been to his two month checkup the doctor probably told you what the correct dosage would be. It's not printed on the bottle. If you look it up online, you have to make sure you get the dosage for the right kind, there's infant drops and children's liquid, and they have different dosages.


Sin - November 30

Yeah we switched him from parents choice milk to soy. He was on b___st milk for the first 6wks but he never latched on so i was always pumping and in pain.. so i decided to do the formula thing.. much to my dismay.He seemed to do well on the soy and wasnt as ga__sy or fussy. He usually is colicky anywhere from 10pm to 1am and will sleep til noon the next day. He wakes up of course about 4x. He's been on this schedule since well since he was born really. I just feel so bad that Im crying with him. Everything i do seems to make him more upset. He'll fall asleep for 5 minutes and wake up again screaming like someone is killing him. I guess babies are unpredictable and will have these types of things happening to him. Just a good friend of mine with 4 kids tells me to give him tylenol when he gets fussy. I havent but I started considering it when I felt helpless to help him. thank you so much for your advice. I'll try out those bottles to see if they help him. Where did you get them?


Zack's mom - November 30

I feel your pain as I have gone through them before too... quit b___st feeding and crying baby... I don't know which country you are from.. If you are from the US, Babyrus or any drugstore has them. You can try this website I will only give the baby tylenol if he has a fever or in some sort of pain. You might also want to try a warm bathe before his bedtime. Zack hates bathe and he will cry a lot as if I am drowning him. But after that, he sleeps more peaceful and longer. Hope this helps!


Zack's mom - November 30

Oh... there is also another thing I did to help Zack sleep. Soft lullaby songs. Each time I put him to sleep, I will play the CD softly. So now, when I play the CD, he knows it's sleeping time and would stop fussing and crying when I put him down. He is also nocturnal so I cut down on his daytime sleeping to about 1 hr naps so that at night he will be more tired.


Liz - November 30

If you want to give him tylenol, the dosage is based on weight. For a 13lb baby, he will get 0.8 ml. if he weighs less give him less and if he weighs more, give him a tad more


E - November 30

Does tylenol make them tired? I was always afraid to give my baby tylenol drops I don't know why.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 30

Tylenol never makes my son tired, I haven't even really noticed it help with his teething pain when I give it to him occasionally. Unfortunately, tylenol will not stop gas pains. My son went thru horrible month or two with gas. It kept him up screaming at night too. Time pa__sed and it got better. Good luck to you! It is so sad to see the little ones in pain!



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