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Heather - November 15

So my dr said to start using this liquid drop vitamin, at 2 months. It tastes real bad! I even tried to put it in a bottle of milk, she wont take it. I feel bad just droping it in her mouth with the gross taste. What do you do, how else do I give it to her?


monica - November 15

my doctor never mentioned anything about vitamans... but I have heard of this. Do you know if this applies if you are b___st feeding too.


d - November 15

When I was breasfeeding, I was told to give vitamin D supplement 1x daily. Only b___stfed mothers are suppose to do this apparently. He had to drink it and did not like probably because b___stmilk tastes way better.


new mommy - November 15

My baby's doctor gave it to her too, I have not given it to her yet, she is now 3 months old I had it since she was 2 months old. I am scared to give it to her. I have a friend that gave it to her baby and he had an allergic reation to it. Is it bad that I am not giving it to her?


chelsey - November 15

Only b___stfead babies need the vitamin D drops. Formula fed babies have all the iron and vitamins they need in the milk already. New Mommy - give it to your baby, chances are she wont have an allergic reaction.


monica - November 15

I wonder why my dr. never mentioned these vitamen d drops...I need to ask the next time I take him to the dr.


chelsey - November 15

I think they are called TriVisol or there are other ones called D-Visol. I think b___stfed babies need the TriVisol. (or whatever brand name you choose, as long as they have the 3 main vitamins... Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D3)


monica - November 15

chelsey are you in the US or in Canada? I think I asked you this already sorry.


miranda - November 15

You are probably giving her the Poly Vi Sol. Try the Tri Vi Sol. It doesn't taste as bad. I never had a problem with my daughter not taking it.


chelsey - November 15

Monica ~ I'm in Calgary, Alberta Canada ~ You are in ?California?


monica - November 15

chelsey, yes I live in california. I wonder if they dont offer those vitamans.


monica - November 15

oops pressed submit too fast. any way no one here that I know has been offered vitamans.....


HEATHER - November 15



info - November 15

Trivisol has 3 main vitamins, Divisol has 2, and polyvisol has only one. An exclusively b___stfed baby needs the Trivisol.


Tami - November 15

I give my baby trivisol and she loves it. I started giving it to her when she was two weeks old htough, so that may be why. Sometimes she won't take it if she isn't hungry or just ate, but if I give it to her while she is hungry then she is okay.


Jbear - November 15

Our pharmacist said if you b__w in the baby's nose while giving medicine, they have to swallow. I'm using formula, so I haven't had any personal experience with baby vitamins, but my mom said you should give them to the baby when the baby is undressed, because they cause stains on fabric that never come out.


me - November 15

Hi monica, I live in California too. My baby's pediatrician recommended me to give him poly vi sol/tri vi sol with iron, since



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