Baby Wakes Up 6 7 Times Every Night What To Do

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Joy06 - April 24

My 8 month old was doing ok - woke up twice at night to feed. Around 6 months he started to wake up more. I introduced solids, soon he was taking 3 meals a day - about 3 tbl spn cereal with some veggie mix. Hence I trained him to sleep w/out nursing between 11-5 at night. This went on for two weeks - I would just pat him to sleep - he would cry for two min and then fall asleep. Now that he is teething, plus has a cough, he wakes up 6-7 times a night - so his nap schedule during the day has changes - hence skips breakfast solids. I worry he may be hungry or in pain - so I yield to 6 nursings at night. But it is just getting to be too much for me. Should I give two solid meals a day and more nursing during day or three meals? Plus he didn't gain (two pounds short of curve) enough weight this time - he is 17 pounds at 8.5m. What do I do?


LisaB - April 24

I am in the same boat last night we were up 7 times. Husband is out of town for work Mon-Fri so am alone trying to get little one to sleep.


HANNAHs Mom - April 24

It sounds like your little guy is seeking comfort due to pain from teething or irritablity from his cold....or could be a growth spurt. My dd is 8 months now and usually wakes once (sometimes 2x) at night to nurse. I feed her 3x a day...not a ton...just enough to introduce her to everything and nurse her probably 5-6 times throughout the day. See if his fussiness wanes and if it dosen't try giving him a little extra during the day. Good luck and hopefully sleep tight!


hello - April 25

I think i am going to quit complaining about my baby who sleeps from 7pm till 6, sometimes 530am.... Can your partner help. Perhaps its time for formula or to pump so you can give bottles and hubby can help. Formula does make them fuller, my baby slept all night from 5 weeks... Going to bed at 11 is way too late.. Why not a normal bed time like 730/8 .. Going to bed at 10ish stopped for mine around 4 mths of age then it went from 9 down to 8, lately its been 7ish. Talk to a doctor cause this cant go on... They should be sleeping through by now.........


Jamie - April 25

My suggestion would be to keep his meals regular, regardless of his nap schedule. If he hasn't had formula by now, chances are, he won't take it. Continue to offer his solids at the same times, regardless of when he last nursed or napped. Also continue to put him down for naps at the same interval, regardless of how he slept during the night. If you think he's in pain, and that's why he's not sleeping well at night, give him either teething tablets or tylenol before bed. This has worked for my daughter; she just cut her first 2 teeth - the first on Friday, the second on Sunday.


Jamie - April 25

Try this schedule, with adjustments as you see necessary: Up at 7 a.m., breakfast (solids) at 7:30 a.m...playtime til 9 a.m., nap til 10. Snack (nursing or solid) at 10:30; lunch (solids) at 12:30; nap at 1 p.m. Snack at 3:30 (nursing or solid); dinner at 5:30 (solids), nursing at 7:30, bed by 8. This is the schedule my daughter has been on since she was 3 weeks old. (Though of course she didn't have solids til 6 months)


Joy06 - April 26

Amazing - how do you manage to keep this schedule! My baby keeps changing his schedule. Only thing he has followed is nursing every 3 hrs. ANd now with solids probably four.


Jamie - April 27

Well, you just it. It's easier to do with the feedings - just feed at the same interval, and try to put him down for naps at the same interval, and it should fall into place. Your baby is probably waking at night because he doesn't have a set schedule....the natural rythm of the human body demands a routine, but we need to teach it to our babies. There are 2 different schools of is to set the schedule for your child, the other is to let the child set the schedule...I kinda do a mixture of both...I read my daughter's patterns, and follow her cues, but if she doesn't start acting hungry when it's time to eat, I'll go ahead and try to feed her, though I don't force the issue. The same with sleeping - if it's her naptime, I'll go in and rock her for a few minutes, but if she doesn't fall asleep right away, or won't settle, then I'll let her play for another 15 minutes or so, and try again. If she acts hungry or sleepy earlier than the 'schedule' dictates, I feed her or put her down for a nap earlier. So..I guess, follow your son's cues, but don't let him deviate too much from the routine.


MichelleB - April 27

This sounds exactly like my story. My boy sletp through from about 3 months, now at 8 months, teething, cough, up at least 5 times a night. My boy eats a lot more food then yours in the day, but every baby is different. He gets about 3 tbl spoons of Oatmeal and 3 tbl of apples for breakfast. Lunch he gets 6 cubes of food (I think they are 1tbl each) plus a cube of chicken or turkey, plus yogert. Supper is pretty much the same as lunch. I keep him on the same schedule during the day, even if his nights are messed up.


Jamie - April 28

Joy, has there been any improvement?



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