Baby Wakes When Pacifier Falls Out Any Suggestions

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hthab - February 27

Is this just something I need to deal with until he learns to put it back in his mouth? My ds is 8 weeks old, and he can't get through a nap without crying at least 3 times when his pacifier falls out. I can't get him to go to sleep without it, and he doesn't seem to be able to get himself back to sleep when it pops out. I've tried letting him cry for 5-10 minutes (seems like much longer), but he has never fallen back to sleep without me putting it back in for him. Has anyone else gone through this?


firstbabe - February 27

My little one used to do that as well. Unfortunately, I didnt find anything that worked either. I think they do grow out of it as now she'll need it to fall asleep but will spit it out after a while. When she spits it out or it falls out...I know shes relaxed and sleeping soundly. there is hope!


Carla - February 27

I remeber when I was asking the same question you are lol My ds did that all the time sometimes i went in like 5 times anight and i remember getting so frustrated and saying to myself i cant wait till he can put it back in himself.......Just bear with it , It wont last forever He is 6 months old now and i would say hasnt done that in about 2 months......One of my friends could stand doing that with her daughter so she just took the pacifier away from her at bedtime at 13 weeks and she cried for a few nights but then didnt wake for it anymore.....I couldnt do that approch because i couldnt bear to let him cry it out for so long....Good luck and It will stop soon


mommyke - February 27

duct tape? Just kidding. I have the same problem myself and am thinking of just cutting him off of the paci now that he can suck on his fingers.


ninaatk - February 27

I know how you feel I am in the same boat exept mone is 13 weeks! AHHAHH!! I think Im going to go the "cry it out" method here soon! Good Luck Let me know if you fine something that works!


hello - February 28

Same thing happened to me to the point where it was wrecking her life and mine as she would wake every few mins as i tried her when she was around the same age so i got rid of it.... It was a little sad as she would look for it with her mouth open for a day or so but i am so glad it was gone... It was one less thing to eventually take away.... just go cold turkey if u really want to take it, i am sure they will learn to suck their hand for comfort, and it doesnt mean they are going to be a thumb sucker either so dont worry there, the fist would go in as usual when little and that was about it.... When getting teeth later she would suck her thumb every now and then but not to sleep and now at 21 mths doesnt.... good luck


jacksonsmommy - February 28

Here's what I did: I put my son on his side and he sleeps with one of those miniature blankies with a stuffed animal on the end of it. I put the blankie between his arms and it holds his binky in. He wakes up maybe once due to his binky falling out but for the most part, it works perfectly! Good luck and happy sleeping.


Heather F - February 28

have you tried other binkies that stay in easier? Or maybe its time to move to the next size nipple?


Heather F - February 28

(so it stays in easier)


mosley12 - February 28

my ds did this. but now he loves having his blanket right next to his face, so sometimes it keeps it in for him. however, i drive myself crazy constantly checking to make sure it isnt covering his face


Renee924 - February 28

Haha, this happened to me as I was reading it, my dd who is also 8 weeks is falling asleep in her swing and pacifier falls out and "waaaaaahh!!!" I'm still figuring this out but know you're not alone!


mandee25 - February 28

This problem really sucks! It doesn't happen every night but I have had nights where it seems like ds waits until I am all comfy and falling asleep and then "wahhhhhhhhhhh!!" his paci falls out and I'm up again. It is more than frustrating.


hthab - March 1

Thanks for the comments. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one. He was extra fussy today and kept spitting it out, so I've resorted to letting him nap in the Baby Bjorn. If he's being held, he doesn't care about the pacifier. He uses the Nuk, which I think stays in better than most other brands I've tried. At night it doesn't seem to be a problem, so I guess I should be happy for that!


DB - March 1

Ok, dd never sleeps with a paci, she's 4 weeks old...barely ever sucks on one, but I think she's starting to like it more. Should I try not to put her to sleep with a pacifier so we don't develop this problem? She is a pretty good sleeper, she doesn't cry much if at all when she is layed down at night...hmmm...


mosley12 - March 2

Db, they say that giving them a pacifier when they sleep seems to help reduce the risk of sids


DB - March 2

Wow, I did not know that. She won't sleep with it though. Whenever she has fallen asleep with it she spits it out as soon as she's asleep.


hthab - March 2

DB, my opinion is if the baby is able to get to sleep without the pacifier, then don't use it as part of the going to sleep routine. It's such a pain to have to put that thing back in when they're addicted to it! My ds is a binkie junky!



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