Baby Weaning Himself Off The Breast

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Fabienne - October 17

Hi everyone :) Hope you had a good weekend. I've been disappointed because Matthew seems to wean himself off the br___t. Every feeding, I put him at the br___t and, most of the time, he won't take it - or if he does, he doesn't take much. Most of the time, he'd start squirming with gas pain - so much so that I usually stop nursing him - at every sips almost , he stops to cry and it makes me feel like I feed him some kind of poison !!!! Anyway - when I stop - I give him the bottle and he's then fine - all of a sudden - and drinks it all. I know that he has gas though when he nurses because he farts a lot. Could that be the position ????? HELP !!!!!


Lissi - October 17

I heard someone say they had problems feeding their baby in that position and it turned out to be an ear infection, but in your case, it just sounds like Matthew has realised it's a lot less effort to get milk from the bottle, than it is from the b___st. My daughter squirms around when I feed her because of gas as well, and it's very frustrating. I just have to be patient and keep taking her off the b___st until the pain goes away or she lets some gas out and then putting her back to the b___st. The problem is, on a bad day, it feels like I'm feeding her every 30 mins! I wish I knew what to advise. Does Matthew's problem get worse at specific times of day? Or is it all the time? My daughter usually has this problem in the evenings or throughout the night (farts a lot too), so I've often found that if I express some milk for her in the evening, she feeds better, it gives me a break, because my husband can feed her and it helps to keep up my milk supply. Hopefully it's just a phase, and they will grow out of it soon and continue to b___stfeed.


Fabienne - October 17

thanks Lissi - it is worse during the day - I noticed that when he is sleepy - like at night or right after or before a nap, no problems either....weird. I tried to pump but had to stop - the pain in my nipples was pretty bad - maybe I should start again now that it got better ....


N - October 17

This sounds like what my son did. At about 3 1/2 months he started rejecting the b___st during the day. He would take it at night, but made such a fuss over it during the day. We decided to switch him to the bottle for daytime feedings and a week later he got his first tooth. It was the only sign of teething he had, and being a new mom, I didn't recognize it.


Jenn... - October 17

It sounds like it could be either an ear infection or possibly teething. Blake does this sometimes too after I ruled out ear an infection I started to worry that he hated nursing and was weaning, but the pediatrician told me it was due to teething, it hurts for him to suck sometimes. They don't have to suck as hard with a bottle. He still has not cut a tooth and this has been happening for about a month. Somedays it is worse than others. I think it is just something we have to put up with in order to reap the benefits of BF.


Karen - October 17

My guy is the opposite. He refuse to take the bottle, I lost a fight this morning with him and gave him the b___st. He loves to fall alseep on them and then I cant get him to burp. When he does burp he wakes and then it is all over again. That is what some of my early morning events are. :)


Jamie - October 18

When you give him the bottle, are you giving him formula? Or expressed milk? Because another problem could be something in your diet makes him not like the taste of b.m. My daughter HATES when I eat bell peppers - she won't nurse if I've eaten bell peppers in the previous 24 hours. So...maybe look at your diet - have you started eating anything new?



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