Baby Weight Age Check

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krc - January 12

Im just curious to see how eveyone's youngin is coming along. Ethan is 5 1/2 months now and weighs 17lbs. Still exclusively br___tfed. Your turn....


BreaunasMommy - January 12

my dd Breauns is 18mths and 25lbs


BreaunasMommy - January 12



Layla - January 12

my ds is 7months old and weighs 21lbs and 28inches


NVgirl - January 12

My DD is 10 lbs, 10 oz and 22-1/4" at 8 weeks old.


lexy - January 12

oh goodness....mine is 12.5lbz, 22 inches and is only 6 weeks old!!!


krc - January 12

actually, i dont know which scale is correct because I weigh myself al the time at Publix. The dr says they are never really accurate and must be reset all the time. Everytime weigh Ethan on is always exactly 2 lbs more than the doctor. So it would say Ethan is 19lbs and the doctors scale says 17 lbs. Im not sure which one is truly accurate,LOL....probably the doctor?!


Emily - January 12

Marcy is almost 6.5 months and weighs 17lbs. She is mainly bf. Once in a blue moon she gets formula if I can' keep up (I work and pump and sometimes she eats too much! lol) she does take some friuts and veggies. Will eat cereal if mixed with her fruits....And toast, she loves toast


Deirdra - January 12

Trent is 3 months in 2 days. he is a little voer 13 lbs. and 23 1/2 inches long...


AshleyB - January 12

At 4.5wks my son weighs 9lbs 7oz and is 21inches long.He's formula fed and started out at 7lbs 8oz 19inches.


jilly01 - January 12

Looking like I stil have the peanut of the group....10 months and only 16lbs and 28"!!!


krnj - January 12

Christian is 10 months and weighs 21 lbs and is 27.5"


Nita_ - January 12

6.5 months, 16lbs 2oz and 28" tall...and exclusively bf. but she's on rice cereal and carrots now.


pinkrox87 - January 12

Caelan - 11 weeks (5 weeks adjusted) 15lbs 6.5oz and Connor - 11 weeks (5 weeks adjusted) 12lbs 1oz.


pinkrox87 - January 12

oh and both fed expressed b___st milk


Renea - January 12

my little man, Connley, is 9 months and is 18lbs 8oz and 28 1/4 inches. He eats baby food and is b___stfed.


drea - January 12

Kaitlyn is 3.5 months and at her 3 mos check up she was 15lbs 5 oz 25 1/2 in long. Formula fed only, but starting cereal at 4 mos (as per my ped)



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