Baby Weight Issues

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Dalinkwent - June 3

how much should a 6 month old child weigh? I am afraid my baby is underweight. She is only 16 lbs. All my friends babies are very big now, almost or at 20+ pounds. She eats good. 32 ounces of milk and two or more feedings of baby food per day. What should I do?


Rabbits07 - June 3

There is no certain amount that a baby should weigh by 6 months, only that they generally should have doubled their birth weight by that time. Some babies may be a little under or over, but that doesn't necessarily mean a problem as all babies are different. Generally, your pedi will let you know if your child is so underweight that it is unhealthy.


TinaMarie - June 3

Hi! My daughter was 16lbs 3oz at her 6 month check and the doc said she was in the 50% for weight. So that is not under weight. Most of my friends have larger babies to and they are always commenting on how small she is. But she is doing just fine, she was only 5.5 at birth and is already crawling! Every baby is different, and as long as you baby is gaining weight regularly they are fine. If the doctor did not think she was gaining fast enough they would tell you. And the amount you are feeding is just perfect, so the only thing you should do is keep up the good work!!!!


Sarahsmommy - June 3

Sarah is 6 months old and weighs 14.1. She was 7lbs even at birth so she has just doubled her weight. How much they weigh doesn't really matter, what matters more is if they are following their growth curve on the growth chart.


Nerdy Girl - June 3

If she is healthy and eating and growing, then she is perfectly fine! I am one of those with a huge 6 month old (24 lbs), and there are a myriad of problems that arise on that end of the spectrum as well. I can't easily run errands with my son because he has long outgrown his infant carrier, yet can't sit up well enough to ride in a grocery cart. I have also had to start seeing a chiropractor for the first time due to back troubles from carrying this extremely large child around. I would say to count your blessings with your healthy pet_te child!


Dalinkwent - June 3

I am so jealous of people with big babies. Everyone a__sociates big babies with healthy. My baby has never been sick, and I am thankful to heaven above for that, but it just gets me down when everyone has to comment that my girl is little, like she's inferior or something. Ok, my temperature is rising, I need to go do something constructive with my anger now. Thank you. Bye now.


Annette - June 3

Hey, Dalinkwent, same here! My son is 4 months and "only" 13,5 lbs. He is very healthy, smart and strong, he is just not BIG. Actually he has almost tripled his birthweight, isn´t that something? But yes, there is a "something" between people saying things like "Wow, that´s a biiig beautiful baby" and "Oh, my GOD, he is so cute and tiny!" (my son gets that a lot!). But since I asume he will gain a few pounds by the time he goes to College, I am glad I can still carry him around and don´t have to buy new clothes just yet.


melissa g. - June 3

i dont know what my dd will be at 6 months, she is almost 4 months, but I can tell you that I was only 16-17 pounds at a YEAR and I was in perfect health -- just tiny!


Rhonda - June 3

My baby is 3mos old and she weighed 5lbs 12oz at birth,she now weighs 11lbs 14oz.My 16mos old she only weighs 18lbs.


Tami - June 4

Don't worry about it. Some babies are just smaller than others. At 6 months my baby girl was 15 pounds 4 ounces. It sounds like you are doin ga great job with her!


Tami - June 4

Don't worry about it. Some babies are just smaller than others. At 6 months my baby girl was 15 pounds 4 ounces. It sounds like you are doin ga great job with her! I have to add that she is 8 months 1 week old and she still is in 3-6 month clothes and size two diapers. Like I said. all babies come in various shapes and sizes just like adults! :D


AmandaManns - June 4

Your baby is just fine and very healthy. Some babies are just smaller than others and there is nothing wrong with that. I on the other hand have a big boy. He is 5 1/2 months old and 20 lbs. He has outgrown his infant carrier and now it takes forever getting him in and out of the car. Going grocery shopping isn't too bad, he can sit up very well on his own actually and we can just put him in the front of the cart and he loves it...but carrying him around up and down our steps is very hard on my back.


Shanna - June 7

Some of your babies sound just like my daughter. She was born 5 weeks early, was 5p 6oz. Going on 6 months now although I consider her only going on 5 months since she was early and she is only about 12 pounds. Doctor ran some blood tests to see if anything was wrong and they came back fine! And we get that ALL the time,' Oh, she is sooo tiny!' as if I am blind and never noticed!!!! but I was a very long and very thin baby, just like her.


Dana - June 7

I completely understand where you are coming from Dalinkwent. My dd was 6lb 8oz when she was born and we got all the same comments "she is so tiny" "she is so pet_te" "she is so little". Ok people, I get it, my baby is smaller than yours. What if I went around saying "my your baby is huge" "have you noticed how big your baby is"...I'm sure they would get a little peeved. Now that dd is 1 week shy of 5 months and weighs around 13 lbs, I STILL get the comments only now they are comparing how much smaller dd is to THEIR child when they were 5 months old. When does the comparing end? Everyone knows that all babies are different, just like people, we all come in different shapes, sizes and weights....BABIES ARE NO DIFFERENT! Sorry to vent, I am off my soapbox now.


Shanna - June 7

Don't think comparing ever stops, must be due to the fact that so many babies are on the larger side with all the rolls and when one comes along that is built smaller, the whole world is shocked, thinking something has got to be wrong. My daughter has a good appet_te, just must have a good metabolism.


luvbendict - June 7

At 6 mths old my ds weighed only 16 lbs and he also a very healthy baby. I used to be jealous about big baby but not anymore because I realized every baby is different. I mentioned about how I wanted my baby to be big to the dr and she laughed at me because neither me nor my husband are fat. So it must be the gene too.


ry - June 7

wow, i have the opposite problem! i weigh 105 lbs, i am pet_te, always have been and have been made fun of being skinny. My baby is 10 weeks and is already 12 1/2 lbs and everyone always comments on how "huge" she is! Yeah, shes a little chubby with adorable big cheeks but not obese by any means and everyone acts like she is this gigantic thing! It upsets me but I know she is gorgeous and healthy and thats all that matters!



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