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amanda17 - July 9

My daughter sometimes breaks out in red pumps from milk getting on her face. Before she got these bumps I would just wipe her face with a dry burp cloth, but now I have to wet a washcloth and wipe her face. It is a bit of a hassle, so I was wondering if it would be okay to use baby wipes on her face? If not, are there some kind of special damp cloths I can use? I just hate to have to go out of my way just to clean up her face after every feeding.


tish212 - July 9

I started out with the pampers natural care wipes...which was ok but to me they are too thick. I dont know how to explain that but their thickness freaked me out because i didn't think they were that soft, so one day i just bought a case of target brand wipes, and i am SOOOO pleased, they are soft and clean her really well!!! My daughter has super sensative skin because both my husband and I do, and i use these wipes for her face and neck as well as her lil behind... you might wanna buy a small pack of them and try them... and the savings in money is WONDERFUL!!! good luck!!


amanda17 - July 9

Thanks tish, that's really convenient for me because I buy all of her diapers at target. Do I need to worry about scented verses unscented or anything?


schreck - July 9

Is it from formula or cow's milk she is getting the red bumps? Wondering because that is what my dd did and it was a milk allergy. She would also get the bumps on her back. As for the wipes I would buy the unscented.


amanda17 - July 10

No, it's b___st milk. I don't think it's an allergic reaction because all I have to do is wash her face and they go away.


durante baby - July 14

Just use gental care wipes...tecnicaly all baby wipes can be used on the face, but I you gental care......Now with a 3 year old and a baby...I always buy the good brand and a package of target brand wipes for spills and quick clean ups.....the generics I use on my three year old. He is potty trained so I just use them after meals of if he makes a mess since his skin isnt as fragile as the babies


amanda17 - July 14

I've been using the target brand sensitive wipes for about three days now and her bumps are totally gone. Her skin is flawless :) She didn't have any bad reaction to it at all.



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