Baby Wipes Use Or Not

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ca_pink - June 8

Hi - We use baby wipes every time we change our baby girl's diaper. While visiting a friend, we noticed she didn't use wipes for every diaper change. She said they only use wipes for when her son poops. How many of you use wipes for every change? Does it depend on whether the baby is boy/girl? Thx


Bonnie - June 8

I have a boy and I use them everytime.


Rabbits07 - June 8

I don't use baby wipes because ds is sensitive to them...even the sensitive ones. I do, however, clean his bottom and front area thoroughly with a wet cloth after every change, pee or poop. It seems to me that leaving that urine on them to dry would make them raw, or at least start smelling bad.


jb - June 8

I only use wipes when dd poops. Part of our nightly routine is giving her a bath, therefore there is no smell of urine on her. Sure, she has missed a bath here and there, but still she 'smells like a baby'!!


SonyaM - June 8

I have two sons (one age 4 and one age 8 months) and I usually only use a wipe for poopy. I do bathe my baby most every night if not at least every other night. I usually do a wipe down in the morning after being in the diaper all night long. I just hink the wipes can be irritating to their skin.


Mel_C - June 9

I use water (warm, in a thermos) and a washcloth/tissues on ds every nappy change, but I always have wipes "standing by". It's probably a bit of overkill, but I hate the idea of dried on urine causing any irritation. And so far (fingers crossed!) we've only had one small outbreak of nappy rash, so perhaps it's helping!


YC - June 9

I use wipes everytime...I never thought of doing it any other way. I love to hear what other mommies do on this board. I also use A&D ointment at every diaper change. My little one is a little sensitive to either the pee or the diaper. We started doing this after a mild diaper rash when she was a few weeks old and so far no more rashes. Good luck.


jas - June 9

I use wipes every poop and almost every pee... He gets wiped down good in the morning and gets a bath every night.. His skin is pretty tough like mine and hasn't had any rash problems - at least on his b___t... His face is a different story...


Rabbits07 - June 9

Right now my ds is only 10 weeks and pedi said he does not need to be bathed daily...only once or twice a in our case I think it would irritate (especially with ds being highly prone to rash) or cause odor. Those who bathe daily or every other are probably fine not being wiped at every change.


Marlene - June 9

I have a boy and use wipes at every change.


Sarahsmommy - June 9

I have a girl and usually only wipe for poopy diaper and also in the mornings. Pee is sterile, at least until it comes out of the body. Also it is usually the poop mixing with the pee that causes the diaper rash. I'm not by any chance condoning anyone who wipes at every diaper change as I did when she was younger, but this is the reason I usually don't know. Also if she has even a little rash I do, so that hopefully she won't get any more irrated.


Bree - June 9

I only use them for poops mostly or if my sons privated look sticky (such as in humid, hot weather). I think of them as being soapy so I don't use them if I don't have to. I use the sensitive ones.


bean - June 9

I have a month old baby girl and I only use wipes for poops (or "skrids"). She only gets a bath 2x a week, but with every diaper change I let her hang out for a minute without a diaper to make sure everything is dried out in there, and she hasn't yet (thank goodness) gotten any diaper rash.


austinsmom - June 9

in my book your babys year week by week it said that urine is sterile and no need to wipe evertime pees but of course when lo poops.....I pretty much follow this and lo is perfectly healthy down there and of course we bath him periodically.....


Ca__sieSong - June 9

I wondered about this too since I wipe my dd every time. We bathe her every night too. So far no sensitivities to the wipes.


Babycakes - June 10

dd is 8 weeks today and sometimes I use A& D at every wipe, pee or poop. sometimes I use cornstarch powder after using wipes and really make sure it covers all her skin folds ( after making sure theres no wetness in the folds )except inside her vag.. in the morning when diaper is really full, i find that her skin down there is really really dry. also I wait a few mins before putting new diaper. so far I have never found a single rash ( and am always checking :) )


Jamie - June 10

My theory is, you wipe yourself everytime you use the toilet, why would you do less for your child?



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