Baby With A Cold

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ElizabethL. - February 7

My thirteen month old has a terrible cold and she is so uncomfortable and having the hardest time resting. Her nose is totaly blocked up. Does anyone have any ideas to help comfort a sick little one. I'm using the nasal aspirator and motrin and nursing like shes still an infant, but she is having a terrible time snoozing. Thanks so much for any ideas!


LisaB - February 7

OMG my ds has a cold and this week this combo has helped him sleep it has worked so well for us. I start out at night by running the shower and getting the room all steamy we hang out and play in there then I run his bath with the J&J vapor bath stuff not sure of the name then after the bath we suction the nose if neca__sary then I put baby vicks on ds chest. I lay him down for bed with a hummidfer on and a sudacare nigt time decongest plug in the wall and he has slept great throught this cold. Oh I also do a dose of Tylenol b4 bed. It has been a miracle for us cuz otherwise he is up ALL night long.


Kara H. - February 7

Call your ped. Our 6 month old has been struggling with it for almost a week now and will be seeing the ped for a second time tomorrow. They can Rx cold medicine that is SOOOO much better than the OTC stuff. We have also stuck one of the shams from bed under one end of his matress to keep his head elevated, which seems to help the stuff drain down his throat so he can breath better. We also have a big stock pot on the stove boiling almost all day. We have even put a teaspoon full of Vicks vaporub in the water. (throw the water outside so the vicks doesn't clog your drain when it cools back to a solid) Max got croup-ish a day or two ago and holding him near the pot of boiling vicks water helped so much. He was able to sleep about 8 hours - which was a BIG accomplishment! I am fairly certain that Max has an ear infection since he has actually started to cry more these last few days. Call your ped and ask for the good stuff!



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