Baby Won T Eat Solid

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me - November 27

: Today is my second day trying to introduce solid food to my 41/2 mth old. I gave him rice cereal, first few spoons went great, after that he keep crying, kicking, and turning his head until I can't even feed him. Does it always this hard??? Do you guys have any suggestion to make meal more enjoyable. My baby keeps putting his hand into his mouth and the other hand pulling the bib..I tried to keep his hands busy, but no succeed :((((


momma - November 27

try nursing or giving him formula first but not as much as usual then he wont be so hungry


karine - November 27

maybe he isnt ready yet??? to get solid food. try to wait another 2 weeks and try again. or keep on going and just give him those 2 spoons and eventially after a few days he may take more...but do what momma said give him a little less formula before..or try to give him the cereals before the formula...give him 4-5 spoons then give him his drink and youll see atfer that


ally - November 27

my health nurse said to start at 6 months, thats meant to be the new thing this yr due to allergies etc. So mine is about 5 and a half months now, thought id try prior to the visit back to the nurse, same as you. Not that keen, have tried some banana custard too, seems a bit more popular. They need to have a bottle b4 brekky though but i am not worried, they will get used to it, my friends baby is similar to mine, not all that estatic and he is almost 5 mths. Just give it time and even if you leave it and just try again in 2 - 3 weeks.


katie28 - November 28

sounds like he's not ready yet. give him time...too my girl 10 months!


Toya - November 28

He may not be ready for solid takes time. I did not introduce solid foods to Asjani until she was 6 months old.


katie28 - November 28

my post is supposed to read: took my girl 10 months, not too my girl!


its - November 28

amazing what a "k" could do!! LOL!!!


Jamie - November 28

Another option...rice cereal is recommended as the first solid because it is least likely to cause an allergic reaction. however, it also has no flavor whatsoever. So, you *could* make it with a little bit of juice, rather than water/b___stmilk/formula, to give it an extra *new* taste, rather than changing the texture of the taste he already knows. I used pear juice with my daughter, and she loved it.


Tara - November 28

Wait till 6 months. Lots of babies will refuse solids until then. Mashed bananna is a better first chioce than rice cereal. It is much easier to digest. You can even wait as long as a year if you are b___stfeeding. Infact it is recommended if your family has lots of allergies.


TO TARA - November 28

Tara, a year. Babies iron levels decrease between 4 to 6 months so yuo need to add to those levels by introducing solids. Your baby would be very sick if you waited a year.


DeDe - November 28

You don't have to worry about iron levels if you are b___stfeeding. As long as your iron levels are OK the levels in your b___stmilk will be perfect.


amy p - November 28

may not be ready yet wait a few more weeks


Toya - November 28

DeDe, that is very true...The pediatrician told me that the iron found in b___stmilk absorbs a lot better than the iron found in formula. Babies know when they need solids...if they refuse's not time.


me - November 29

Hi Ladies, thank you for the feedback. I tried to give another chance this morning and he keep spitting up the food. So I guess he wasn't ready, better wait couple more weeks.



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