Baby Wont Sleep Unless Held

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shannan - June 2

My baby is 8 days old and will not stay asleep when placed in his crib or pack and play. He seems to only sleep when someone holds him. He does fall asleep, but then when we go to lay him down he wakes up after a couple of minutes. Last night we put him in his carseat and he slept for a couple hours. Any advice???


Dana - June 2

I would say you LO has not gotten used to the outside world just yet. He is used to being cramped up in a warm place, then swaddled in the hospital. My dd was the same way, but she grew out of it. I would just keep him swaddled tightly, that way, when you lay him down, he won't be able to tell as quickly that he is not in your arms. One step further, when we put dd down, we would hold her body between our forearms for a few moments when she was on the mattress so that she would still feel a little pressure, thinking we were still holding her, then we would slowly pull our arms away. Another trick we used was to put our dd's blanket in the dryer right before we put her down, then put the warm blanket on her.


Kel - June 2

I had this same problem when I got home as well. The nurse at the hospital (when I returned for my 2 days check) even suggested letting her sleep in her carseat because she would feel warm and snuggled in there. She also recommened the swaddling like Dana mentioned. We have the papasan swing (by Fisher Price) and she seemed to like that as well. Or you could even try a sleep positioner, those give them a little extra comfort.


galvquodi - June 5

HI, Don't worry, my daughter did exactly the same thing for some weeks. Your baby needs to Get accustomed to the outside world. Try the miracle blanket. It's a bit pricy but it is the best swaddling balnket I have tired (now my baby won't let me swaddle her). It is made of cotton and limits the risks of overheating. Also it stays and does not come undone. That may help. It also prevent the baby from waking himself up because of the startle reflex. We used a warm bottle that we placed in her ba__sinet before putting her down to sleep as well. Again, don't worry about it, he will grow out of it and holding him won't make him spoiled but help build his trust in the fact that you are there for him. I wouldn't try the cry it out method before he is way older and possesses a better understanding of the outside world. Good luck


Heather F - June 5

my baby did the same thing except she would only sleep in her bouncey seat - so that is where she slept for a month! Then I tried a ba__sinet next to the bed which never really worked so we coslept for a month and now she has been in her crib for two weeks - babies change constantley - for now I say let her sleep where she sleeps.


ambertane - June 5

I had that problem to i had to sleep with n hold her in the chair for like 4 n a half months, now she is sleepin half the time on her own


hello - June 6

persist... Babies this age like to be sbug.... they were used to being warm in ya tummy, wrap baby in a bunny rug... my ex used to call it mummify as she would be all tucked in arms and all in the bunny rug. when baby wakes as u lay them down merely pat them and they will go back to sleep, u need to persist tho as they cant sleep in ur arms ... u need to stop it now


Chrissy - June 6

mine too!!!!!


BabySage - June 9

My little man always sleeps with his hands holding his ears (very cute) and to ease him into the crib it seems to work if i hold his arms for a minute...then he dosn't seem to notice he's not being held. My guy is 2 weeks btw. GL...!!!



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