Babysitter Background Checks

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Lchan - March 7

I need to find a new babysitter for my son and naturally I don't want to leave him in the care of a pedofile or other loser. I have identified a new babysitter and checked her and her husband against the Megan's law database. Does anyone have other suggestions on what I should check and how to go about it? My local police dept says they don't do these types of things. Thanks!


hello - March 8

Does she have kids, do they seem happy? Does she have a clean house? Other kids in her care........ are they happy? Numbers to call, previous employers that are real businesses etc......In her life she would have worked at one official company at least to tell you about what she is like as a person........ I would be making all the calls i can but i would go with my gut instinct really... Potential sitters can be nice to the parents of course but its another story when confronted with the kids, do your homework most call and call those references......


hello - March 8

Oh usually first aid and a police check is mandatory so make sure she has those


luviduvi - March 8

I would make sure that she is CPR certified. I had a bad experience with a babysitter one time...she was an "aquantinace" of mine. Something disturbing happened on day while I picked up my child. I don't believe anything was going on but no longer felt comf. with dd going to her home. She was a nice girl, nice family, great mother, with not a drop of dust in her home...and get this NO LAUNDRY!!! She would have been my hero had I not seen what I did! Good Luck! You can pay for background checks through the internet. Also, talk to the county probation officer and ask local daycares....they would know more about that.


mcatherine - March 8

I would certainly do an Internet search - a__suming she is not opposed to giving you her social security number. Also, infant cpr certification would be a must for me. Local Red Cross offices offer it along with the infant/babysitting first aid courses.



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